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    December 26, 2015

    Due to some lady problems that cause me to need to use tampons almost every day, I finally decided to invest in a menstrual cup since it would be cheaper in the long run compared to buying a box of tampons every month. I'm on a bit of a budget, so I had to do a little research to try and find out which cup would suit both me and my wallet best before committing to a purchase. The ever-popular Diva Cup seemed to be quite large and stiff based on what I've read, and I also saw downsides to some of its competitors, such as the Moon Cup and Lunette. After much consideration, I finally settled on the Meluna Cup.

    The Meluna comes in:
    Four sizes (small, medium, large and extra large)
    Two heights (Classic and Shorty)
    Three levels of softness/flexibility (Classic, Soft and Sport)

    If you're wondering how to figure out which size and shape would be best for you, worry not! Meluna's site proved to be very accommodating – by taking a short quiz there, the site determined which size cup would be the ideal fit for you based on my size, activity level and number of times you've given birth. The cup recommended to me was the soft, regular-height (as in not the Shorty), medium-volume cup.

    Aside from that, there is also an assortment of handles to choose from (basic, stem, ball, and ring) in order to help you retrieve the cup when it comes time to empty it. I went with the ring handle since it's described as being good for the beginner cup user. There doesn't seem to be much of a variety in terms of color (I only had clear and purple available at the time of purchase), but considering where the cup is going, does it really matter what color it is?

    But here's the $64,000 question: does it work? In the experience of this first-time menstrual cup user, I have to say that it does, indeed, work. I had quite a few doubts in regard to menstrual cups in general since the most frequent complaint I see about them all is leakage. The way these things are supposed to work is they form a suction seal inside your body in order to collect blood, meaning they shouldn't leak. However, whether its due to improper use or incorrect size, many ladies find that their cups leak. Me? Mine hasn't leaked at all.

    I will say that I found this thing a little awkward to insert. You're supposed to fold the cup before inserting, which I did, but I find that it unfolds when I'm trying to get it where it needs to go. This could just be because I'm a first-time user, but I do have to try at least twice to get the cup in. Once I get it in and it unfolds, though, I find that all I need to do is push it upward and it falls right into place. I don't know if this makes any big difference, but I insert the cup while standing up. It's very comfortable too; I don't even know I've got it in once it becomes situated.

    I don't find it difficult to remove either, though it will feel a little funny when you take it out since you have to break the suction, meaning it's going to pull on your insides just a tiny bit. It's not painful or even uncomfortable – just kinda weird. I've also got short fingers, but I find that it's not difficult for me to reach the cup handle... though the ring style handle may be helping with that because it allows for a good grip.

    I'm very happy with the Meluna cup, not only because it works far better than I expected it to, but because I can quit buying tampons. It's affordable ($25), easy to clean, easy to customize and very comfortable. Plus, I can wear the cup for considerably longer than a tampon because it can hold much more fluid than a tampon. I'd not only buy this little doodad again, but I'd totally recommend it.

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