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    January 04, 2016

    I purchased Nailene So Natural Stick on nails for the first time just before Christmas. I was going away on vacation for a week and wanted a nail finish that would last the entire time. Regular nail polish doesn't last more than 24 hours for me.
    I decided to try the stick on version rather than going to a salon in hopes to save a little money. After doing some research and watching some videos, I settled on the Nailene product.
    I put the nails on Christmas morning before going to a Christmas dinner. (We were leaving for the trip on the 26th)
    I had to shape several of them as they ones that were long enough for my natural nails were too wide but they shaped easily.
    I was immediately disappointed though as 3 fell off throughout the day with little to no pulling.
    That night I re-glued them on and went to bed. I think my original issue was not allowing the glue significant time to adhere and dry. Next time I purchase these I would put them on before bed and allow my sleeping time, time for the nails to adhere.
    They stayed attached for the entire week I was away, with lots of time spent in the ocean and swimming. The nails I picked has a gold sparkle French tip. The actual polish though had worn off by day 3. I would assume due to the excessive wetness. So while I still have nice long nails, the polish (What I actually wanted) did not last.
    I would purchase these again but only the plane French tip and not fancy decorated ones as the decorations wear off too quickly.

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