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Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Whitening Scope Flavour Floss Reviews
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    June 23, 2012

    I received my Oreal-B Pro-Health Whitening Scope Flavoured Floss free from the nice lady that runs their Face book page. You can buy it for around $3.99 at most drug stores, WalMart, well.ca and many other places that sell dental care items. I tried and tried to find a picture of the one I received and the web site that shows the same one that I received with no luck. I don’t know if the packaging has bin change, or what, but the picture I have put up is for the same product. On their web site it shows the product I have, it’s just doesn’t look the same as the one I have. Any how this floss is different from the others I have tried in the past. Its flat not round like most floss is. This makes it so much easier for me to get in between my tight teeth. If your teeth are very close together like mine are then you’ll know what I mean. The rounds floss just seems so much harder to get in between and tends to frae while I’m trying to floss. The Oreal-B Glide Pro-Health Whitening Scope Floss doesn’t do this even in between my tightest teeth. It glides right through with no trouble at all. Their web site even tells you that it can glide through up to 50% easier then other floss can and they are right about that. They also say that this floss will help to prevent stains in between your teeth while it effectively removes plaque between your teeth and blow your gum line. Its much stronger and like I said because its shed resistant and it also has a light coating of natural wax that gives you a better grip then most other floss. I haven’t had it slip out of my hand or in my mouth once, but I have had this happen with other floss I’ve used. As for it helping to keep my teeth whiter in between my teeth, I’m not so sure about this because my teeth still look about the same as they always have. The Scope flavour they say it has is so light that to tell you the truth if it wasn’t written on the packaging and on the web site I wouldn’t have even known it was there. I’ve tried other floss that was flavoured that was to strong tasting, so if you don’t like your flavoured floss to be strong this would be a good one for you to try. Over all I was happy with the Oreal-B Glide Pro-Health Whitening Scope Flavour Floss and would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice floss that works and can get in between even the tightest of your teeth.

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