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Potty Scotty Doll Reviews
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The Potty Scotty Kit includes the following 4 items: -The Potty Scotty boy potty training doll -3 ''big kid'' doll potty training pants -2 Bottles to feed Potty Scotty -Potty Training in One Day - The Parent's Potty Training Guide Potty Scotty - the Boy Potty Training Doll is Specially Designed to Potty Train: -16'' Tall - Made of soft vinyl -Anatomically correct -Drink & Wet-on-Demand -Can be fed laying down or sitting up -Can urinate in ANY potty or toilet -Scotty can urinate / pee standing up or sitting down -Clothes specially designed to potty train -Wearing a diaper underneath clothes - Doll can be given a bath - No batteries required -Doll conforms to the ASTM F963 safety requirements 3 ''big kid'' doll potty training pants (recommended by Dr Phil's method): -Potty Scotty comes wearing a diaper underneath his two piece outfit. On the ''Big Day'' - Scotty will ceremoniously change into his potty training pants (along with your son, who will change into his ''Big Kid'' Potty Training Pants) to celebrate the fact that they are now big boys and do not wear diapers any more!! -The additional two doll potty training pants are included because Scotty will have accidents on the ''Big Day'' and will have to change into his clean potty pants (part of the Potty Training in One Day Process!!) 2 Bottles to feed Potty Scotty: -MOM Innovations has included two different type of bottles for the potty training doll. The first one has a screw top lid - so to fill it up - you simply unscrew the lid and put it under the tap Specs: 16" Tall Doll conforms to the ASTM F963 safety requirements Anatomically correct Drink & Wet-on-DemandTM Can urinate in ANY potty or toilet

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    April 19, 2011

    We ordered Potty Scotty online after not being able to find any similar type dolls at any retailers. Potty Scotty is an anatomically correct, 'pee on demand' doll.
    I had heard that the best way to potty train your child was to have THEM teach the doll how to do it. We were pretty excited to give it a try.
    I purchased the doll that came with the book and DVD, which arrived within pretty good time and with all the accessories. I read the book it came with which I thought was a little vague as far as instructions (it's supposed to be a 'step' system where they are potty trained in 1 day). The video seemed was much more comprehensive and I was glad to have watched it also.
    In using the doll, it seemed a little 'faulty' and would leak out of it's leg or mouth sometimes if you were trying to empty or fill it. This was a little inconvenient when you were trying to demonstrate how the doll was 'dry' at first and then would have an accident and be 'wet', just because the doll was wet from the start. Also, you are supposed to be able to confine yourself to an area of your house without any distractions so that your child can focus on the task at hand, but my small home doesn't really accommodate that so we ended up doing the training in the living room which proved very difficult and I could not get him to focus or show much interest at all in the doll. That isn't exactly the doll's fault, but it was an obstacle I wasn't really prepared for. I ended up doing a second day of training with the doll which worked out a little better. Overall, I think the video and the concept was more valuable than the doll itself. But this could just have been our individual experience and I would still recommend it as a tool for potty training.

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