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    February 23, 2012

    This is a fabulous shampoo. I came upon it at a Winners store in Victoria, BC. I purchased the Hemp & Beer and the Creme Caramel at $7.99 each {$19.99 each on the Robert Max website}. I then went back a week later and found the 1 litre bottle of Hemp & Beer for $12.99 {$39.99 each on the Robert Max website}. The Hemp & Beer is fabulous. It leaves your hair so soft. Little did I know, after reading the back of the bottle, that it promotes hair growth as well...not sure about the Creme Caramel one, but it says it on the Hemp one. I then decided to give it to my boyfriend to use as well, since his hair line is receding. Low and behold, his hair started coming in fuller and thicker within about 1 months use. The Creme Caramel is very moisturizing and contains no salt, which is what is generally used as a thickener in most shampoos, therefore, you don't get much suds, but it still does the job just the same. They both smell amazing and I think even at the more expensive website price, it's worth the money. See if you can locate it at your local Winners store. They had quite a selection of different kinds at the one here. Enjoy! :)

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