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    March 04, 2016

    Book: Steadfast Heart
    Series: Brides of Seattle Book 1
    Author: Tracie Peterson
    Publisher: Bethany House

    This was my first time reading anything written by Tracie Peterson so I cannot compare it to any of her previous works. However I have read christian fiction a few select times in the past.

    The book is suppose to be about Lenore Fulcher practically falling in love with complete stranger, Kolbein Booth. Although I found there are a lot of little stories through out the book before the Lenore/Kolbein story really comes out. Lenore is a woman with a very well upbringing, her father being a business man. In the beginning pages of the book, we meet Lenore’s father, Josiah Fulcher as he tries to set up courtship between Lenore and one of his business associates. Lenore however is not interested in being forced into marriage and manages to bide time, at least for one month.

    Her best friend is Abrianna Cunningham who is ward of three sisters who run a bridal school. Young women come from all over to learn to be wives. Learn to cook, sew, sing, and clean. Abrianna however, despite being practically raised under the roof of the bridal school is proving to be harder to teach the tasks of sewing, and cooking. She manages to get in trouble with her Aunties as she calls the three sisters for burning everything from baked goods to eggs.

    Abrianna’s real interest is taking care of the less fortunate and needy. She enjoys taking food, warm blankets and other needed items to orphans and other homeless people. Feeling that is what God has called her to do, she cannot imagine doing anything any different with her life.

    Kolbein is introduced into the book as a Lawyer who has traveled all the way from Chicago to find his younger sister. Lenore and Kolbein are almost instantly smitten with each other.

    Lenore has to leave town in the beginning of the book to accompany her mother and father for a while. She depends on Abrianna to talk to Kolbein about her good qualities. All the while she is away she is missing this man that she barely knows. Secretly he is feeling much the same thing. They are both longing to be reunited to see where their relationship goes.

    As the book continues you get to see the characters blossom with their own qualities and quirks. I think my favorite character was actually Abrianna. I loved that she was her own person and did not quite conform to what was considered the norm during that time period.

    I actually enjoyed that the book was set in the late 1800’s. It was really neat to read how different times were back then compared to now. How different women and men were expected to act around each other. How what was expected of society was quite different. Even words such as legs was considered taboo especially around members of the opposite sex.

    I am not going to go on and on about the rest of the things that happened in the book, my review already has a few spoilers in it. But I have to say I was surprised to have liked the book as much as I did.

    Initially when I began reading it, I was a little confused with the characters at the beginning, but I pressed through and continued to read the chapters. The book got better and better the more I read.

    Although I am sure there are a few things in there I may have changed, I overall did enjoy the book. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Christian Romance or books that are set during the 1800’s time period.

    Disclaimer: I received this book complimentary to write an honest review. All opinions are my own and I will not be compensated in any way for writing this review.

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