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    January 03, 2016

    I find the majority of homemade soaps make my skin feel squeaky (think of the sound fresh cheese curds make while devouring them) and not clean as there are usually no suds.

    Bring on Subtle Body Essentials.

    I received the Lavender Lite Soap Bar.

    The bar is quite a nice size (4 oz), and it does have quite a bit of lavender scent to it. If you are highly sensitive to scent, this may not be the scent for you. She does sell other scents, however, such as Shea Butter, Green Ice, and Indian Citrus.

    I've had it sitting on the soap shelf in the shower, so regardless of whether or not I use it, it gets wet. Most soaps that sit on this shelf shrink rather quickly due to their reaction with water. So far, my Subtle Body Essentials soap bar has not shrunk!

    It's sitting on the shelf with another handmade soap (local), and the other soap hasn't fared so well (other bar has suffered shrinkage).

    That being said, the bar is a manageable size and was cut in perfectly strait lines with no imperfections.

    The soap itself suds up SO nicely on my loofah - most bar soaps (even commercial) don't add this much suds to my showering experience.

    Although the scent on the bar itself is there when you sniff it, it doesn't overpower the room. And when washed on your skin, it is VERY light.

    My skin after using this soap feels soft and smooth, and doesn't squeak (like cheese curds). Being winter, it is quite dry, and I found after using this soap and not moisturising, my skin doesn't dry out like normal. I'm crediting that with the coconut and palm oils within.

    I love that 85% of this soap is organic (the other portion is Lye, but that's part of soap-making). It makes me feel much better knowing what I'm putting on my skin is easy to pronounce vs some sort of chemical words that are difficult to pronounce at the best of times.

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