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    May 28, 2013

    I was sent my Tulip Grease lip balm for free in their Lemon Love scent and its smells wonderful! It is made with zero artificial ingredients and has a soft scent of lemon and vanilla just like a lemon meringue pie. This lip balm isn’t the same old round shape like every other lip balm on the market. It has an oval shape witch I feel makes it easier to apply to your lips right where you want it. This lip balm gets it lemon and vanilla scent from a mix of lemon essential oils and natural vanilla infused oils. The lemon and vanilla scents are just that a scent, you don’t taste it so you won’t lick it off of your lips. I found that it stayed on my lips for a long time. Even after drinking, or eating I could still feel it softening my lips. These lip balms are a product from the U.S. so they are pretty pricey at about $6.29 Canadian plus shipping. How ever when you buy one of their Lemon Love lip balm you’ll be supporting Kiss for a Cause. They’re giving Kiss for a Cause 10% of the profits witch supports a thyroid cancer charity. So every time you use this lip balm on your lips your lips will not only feel good your heart will to because you’ll know you've helped someone out even if it was just a little. Tulip Grease lip balms are also available in Lavender Tartine- lavender vanilla, Plum Snuggle and Coconut Swoon: coconut Macaroon lip balm. When you buy their Coconut Swoon lip balm they will also give 10% of the profits to benefit disaster relief charities. Witch is another great charity and a great way for you to help out those in need. So all though Tulip Grease lip balms are pricey for Canadians, I feel they are worth every penny and I’m sure you will too.

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