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Dips & Spreads Reviews

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Philadelphia Cream Cheese

174 reviews

How cheap!, very low in calcium, the Philadelphia whipped cream provides hardly 2% per 1 teaspon (12 g), that means you need over 3 containers (of this 227 g) to get your full daily needed calcium; STOP DECEIVING CUSTOMERS ABOUT "BEST SOURCE OF CALCIUM" with your highly...
Sabra Hummus

149 reviews

great for dipping chips, spread for bagels that is toasted and even carrots. It is great for snacking especially in the evenings and between meals. Quite healthy as well.
Kraft All Natural Smooth Peanut Butter

121 reviews

As an adult I don’t mind it, however I can’t see kids enjoying this as its not like regular peanut butter. Probably a better choice health wise but not a winner with the littles.
Summer Fresh Original Hummus

65 reviews

I grew up in a Middle Eastern household where hummus was a common staple often enjoyed with pita bread. I'm quite picky with hummus and this brand satisfies what I'm looking for! I have some in the fridge along with their tzatziki which is great as well! I love these dips with...
Hummus by Halvana

1 review

I bought this two weeks ago. Due to the sealed packaging, I found the product incredibly fresh, great texture to spread on bread and crackers. I love this format of hummus.
Helluva Good! French Onion Dip

61 reviews

Helluva good dip in onion flavour is the most addictive chip / Vegetable dip I have used this for several years now and never come across anyone who doesn’t like it . Great deal from Costco
Hidden Valley French Onion Thick & Creamy Dip 10oz

1 review

Hidden Valley French Onion Thick & Creamy Dip is my second favorite HVR Ready to Eat product. The flavor is true to French Onion taste with that HVR rich creamy texture. We like it with chips, veggies, breads and crackers to name a few. This dip is also swell for creaming soups...
Fontaine Dante Humm! Everything Bagel

2 reviews

I am over the top disappointed! I am the worlds biggest hummus fan!(self proclaimed) I consume hummus everyday! I’m a fan of mostly humms red Pepper and jalapeño flavours. When I saw the everything bagel I was elated!! Couldn’t wait to get the naan in the oven! First...
Hidden Valley Classic Ranch Thick & Creamy Dip 10oz

1 review

Hidden Valley Classic Ranch Thick & Creamy Dip is rich, thick and creamy. The Ranch flavor really stands out. This is a versatile dip that I also use for cooking. I add different proteins, seasonings and/or fresh veggies to suit my taste for the day. I purchase and recommend...
Summer Fresh Dips & Hummus Selection

1 review

This is the BEST dip tray ever!! The hummus is the best hummus ever created!!!!! Very creamy dips! My favorite one (apart from the hummus) is the Artichoke & Asiago dip, it has chunks of artichokes, very creamy, and delicious 😋 All the dips taste exactly what the company name...
good Tartinade aux noisettes et cacao no added sugar keto

1 review

Cette tartinade Good aux noisette chocolat ressemble de beaucoup au .. nut.... elle est légère et délicieuse! Sans sucre ajouté, ou du moins avec du Maltitol. Accepté en Keto. Sur vos toasts ou coulé sur vos crêpes du matin ouff juste wow.
Tostitos mild salsa

35 reviews

This salsa is so good. I love to top off my nachos with it, have it with a side of eggs or even to dip my chips in it. It's affordable, delicious and worth the money. I think I've bought several over the month and they are quite easy to find. Definetly reccomend!
Kraft peanut butter smooth

5 reviews

I love this peanut butter 🥜 i tried another peanut butter but I didn't like it. But this kraft peanut butter is very smooth and creamy that I love 💘 😋 😍 ❤ 💕 even I always add peanut butter in my smoothies 😋
Kraft chocolate spread

3 reviews

Not too sweet, not too dull. Perfect texture! I used it on my pancakes and it was so tasty. I wish I had more! Nutella is good too but it’s good to change it up a bit, especially if the item is so delicious!
Bison Chip Dip

1 review

Buffalo, New York may be well-known as the city of good neighbors, and the home of the chicken wing, but one of the best prizes of this city can be found on the coffee tables of every Buffalo home on football Sundays next to a bag of potato chips. French onion chip dip may not...
PC Roasted Red Pepper Dip

2 reviews

I love this dip. I live to so much it gets hidden in my fridge so the kids dont find it. I use it for lettuce wraps, as a veggie dip, and even as a spread on crackers. This dip goes great with everything I've tried!!
Primal kitchen mayo

2 reviews

It has a lightly sour taste, however it is very creamy and rich. This is healthy replacement for hubby old mayo. I used it to make him low-calorie potato salad is rich in nutrients - healthy fats and fibers. A simple concept of dicing and boiling potatoes and while those cool...
Hidden Valley Fiesta Ranch Thick & Creamy Ready 10oz

1 review

I recently tried Hidden Valley Fiesta Ranch Thick & Creamy Ready to Eat Dip for the first time. My local grocer was out of HVR dry mixes and other dips (Super Bowl Gameday shopping). It was just alright. Not at all the bold spicy HVR Fiesta flavor expected. The consistency...
Garden Fresh Gourmet Mango Peach Habanero Salsa

1 review

This is our go to salsa. We have tried other brands but nothing can compare to the fresh taste and the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Our whole family loves it.
Primal Kitchen Caesar Dressing

3 reviews

I always say homemade salad dressing is the way to go. BUT, I'm not against a shortcut every once in a while. Ingredients are huge for me when I bring a product into my home. Primal Kitchen Dressings made from Avocado oil and no junk. They are dairy-free, also paleo-friendly...