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Dips & Spreads Reviews

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Philadelphia Cream Cheese

171 reviews

When it comes to baking, Philli cream cheese is the top at its class. The taste is great, always able to find at every country. It is a reliable product. We have tried other brand, but not as good Phili's. It may at not the best price at the market, but the taste & quality can't...
Sabra Hummus

148 reviews

I didn't enjoy this product. I understand it's made with olive oil, but it's too greasy feeling for me. I couldn't get past that at all. I wish it could be done without the oily, greasy feeling it leaves in my mouth. I'd love to enjoy that.
Nutella & GO! Hazelnut Spread and Breadsticks

118 reviews

My family and I love Nutella so when they brought this product out we were happy. I like to buy it to take it as part of a lunch kit, or for a sweet treat or snack during any other day. It is tasty and helps me to control the amount of Nutella that I eat lol.
Kraft All Natural Smooth Peanut Butter

113 reviews

I get peanut butter Cravings at least once a week but I thought I would give the all natural a try because I had heard great reviews. Hated it. Both the texture and the taste. I will stick to regular Kraft peanut butter!
Nutella & GO Hazelnut Spread and Pretzel Sticks

93 reviews

I love the pretzel nutella combo the sweet and salty flavor is awsome and I love chocolate and Hazelnut together also I will definitely buy this again and give it to my children
Helluva Good! French Onion Dip

57 reviews

Helluva Good Dip is super tasty! I use it with raw veggies, chips, and even baked and mashed potatoes. It has a nice strong flavour, it is really creamy, and it has a good shelf life. It really is a Hell of a Good dip!
Hershey's REESE'S Spreads in Peanut Butter Chocolate

36 reviews

Reese's spread in peanut butter chocolate is amazing. The kid will eat that stuff non-stop. The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is mouth-watering!
Wholly guacamole homestyle

1 review

Wholly guacamole homestyle flavor is the best guacamole, I love how I can read each ingredient and know what they are. There are actual chunks of avocado and jalapenos in it. I always get the 3 pack at costco, best deal.
Hellman’s salad dressing

1 review

I love these new products it can be used a dressing for salads or a marinade or added to a dip for dipping Great to marinade meats for grilling or drizzle over French fries
Allo Simone - Tartinade aux noisettes et au chocolat noir

1 review

Je ne connaissais pas ce produit de tartinade et je suis vraiment sous le charme ! Délicieux, attention à ne pas le manger directement dans le pot ! Un beau produit québécois avec des ingrédients sains et sans additifs.
Jack Daniel’s Chicken Rub

2 reviews

This Jack Daniels chicken rub was delicious. I used it on some chicken wings and put them on the grill and everyone loved them. I already made them a few times in the past 2 months. This is definitely one of my new favorites, and everyone else loved them too. I will definitely...
Heinz salad cream original

1 review

Heinz creamy salad is my favourite salad dressing spread. This are really rich in cream and perfect for my snack and salad combo. Taste very good and price is reasonable too.
Kraft thousand island dreasing

1 review

Shake it up real good and start squirting this tasty dressing on your burgers, hotdogs, fries, macaroni, potatoes, steak, chicken fingers, bean salad, rice, fish, vegetable dip, chips, pretzels, cheese, lunch meat and celery sticks. It's not the only dressing you will want to...
Summer Fresh Avocado Hummus

1 review

This hummus is so good. The ingredients list is short which is what I love. Its fresh and tasty ! Perfect if you're a lover of hummus and guacamole. Just a little disclamer : if you don't like coriander, you won't like this !
Kirkland chocolate spread

1 review

This is what Nutella used to taste like before they changed the recipe... still good but this is now just better! It doesn’t contain palm oil. Tastes amazing and a fraction of the cost. Only downside.. you gotta be a Costco member. But is that really a downside? ;)
Philadelphia creamcheese frosting

1 review

Absolutely love this new cream cheese frosting by Philadelphia ,Nice and fluffy and easy to spread and its Not to sweet .Family loves this in cup-cakes,cakes and even toast .It has a nice cream cheese taste but its not over powering in the creamcheese like some frosting can be...
Epicure artichoke dip mix

1 review

This dip is my Go to for all parties and it is ALWAYS a hit! You would think I was an epicure rep with how many of these I have recommended to people (which I am not).
Hellman’s olive oil mayonnaise

2 reviews

For me I don’t like how sweet the olive oil makes the mayonnaise taste. I’m a sucker for the original mayonnaise, so to me I miss the salty flavour that you get with the original.
Cool Whip Original Whipped Topping

3 reviews

I love adding cool whip to all of my favourite sweet treats! I use it for fruit, icecream, jello, cakes, hot chocolate, and coffee! It’s an easy to grab topper!
Hunt's Tomato Ketchup

2 reviews

Hunts ketchup is the best. I have used it for years. The whole family loves using hunt's ketchup on burgers, fries, and even on top of meatloaf. I Will buy again and again.