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Dips & Spreads Reviews

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Philadelphia Cream Cheese

173 reviews

So this cream cheese is the original cream cheese and nothing can beat this! I have tried so many other brands but this is always my favourite. You can just apply on tasted bread or have it with a cracker. It is great for snacks at a party as well.
Nutella & GO! Hazelnut Spread and Breadsticks

136 reviews

Keep these handy in your car, purse, home, anywhere you go. Especially if you have little ones. It's a perfect snack or treat when you need one. Also a great snack for yourself.
Sabra Hummus

148 reviews

I didn't enjoy this product. I understand it's made with olive oil, but it's too greasy feeling for me. I couldn't get past that at all. I wish it could be done without the oily, greasy feeling it leaves in my mouth. I'd love to enjoy that.
Kraft All Natural Smooth Peanut Butter

118 reviews

The kids swear by this peanut butter and I love the fact that it’s all natural ingredients! I usually wait to get it on sale since we go through a couple of these every month
Nutella & GO Hazelnut Spread and Pretzel Sticks

107 reviews

I love nutella, my family loves nutella, I would absolutely love to buy this again, and I wouldn’t mind to receive this as a sample to cause i taste amazing. Would recommend.
Summer Fresh Original Hummus

65 reviews

I grew up in a Middle Eastern household where hummus was a common staple often enjoyed with pita bread. I'm quite picky with hummus and this brand satisfies what I'm looking for! I have some in the fridge along with their tzatziki which is great as well! I love these dips with...
Helluva Good! French Onion Dip

60 reviews

This is the best tasting onion dip around! Great for dipping chips and veggies! Always a fan favourite on girls nights and get togethers. There isn’t big chunks of onion in it like other dips (which I prefer), and has a great onion flavour. I definitely recommend, and will...
Tostitos mild salsa

35 reviews

This salsa is so good. I love to top off my nachos with it, have it with a side of eggs or even to dip my chips in it. It's affordable, delicious and worth the money. I think I've bought several over the month and they are quite easy to find. Definetly reccomend!
PC Roasted Red Pepper Dip

1 review

I tried this at a work event and have been buying it since. It has a great red pepper flavour, smooth, flavorful and not hot. It is great with veggies or crackers, crisps or pita chips. It is perfect to serve or have as a midday snack
Garden Fresh Gourmet Mango Peach Habanero Salsa

1 review

This is our go to salsa. We have tried other brands but nothing can compare to the fresh taste and the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Our whole family loves it.
Royal command honey spread with truffles

1 review

I can't get enough of truffles! This is a great honey with very strong Italian brandy truffles. There are quite a few pieces in the jar. I love drizzling it on buttery popcorn.
PC Plant based cream cheese spread

1 review

Second time buying this. Made from a coconut base, it's very good as a cream cheese alternative. PC also has a new variety of other plant based products.
Mumgry Pistachio Chocolate Almond Butter

1 review

I received Mumgry's pistachio, chocolate, and almond spread for Christmas and I love it. Those are the only ingredients. It's hand crafted, with no oil nor preservatives. At 90 calories per tablespoon it's a great healthy snack. I have drizzled this on popcorn, dipped apples in...
Krinos Taramosalata

1 review

I love Greek dips and spreads and Taramosalata is one of my favorites. If you haven’t tried this before it is a thick, rich and flavourful spread made of salted and cured roe from whitefish, typically cod. This is typically blended with olive oil, lemon juice and some form...
Kraft peanut butter smooth

2 reviews

I have used Kraft smooth peanut butter for years in baking and for a quick fix when in a rush and do not have time to cook a meal. The only issue I have is it is gritty from all the sugar (that is an assumption) compared to some others. But in all honesty, I do not care...
Keto Spread

2 reviews

Thinking this would be creamy, I had to give it a try, and am I ever glad I did. It has a light, almost cheesy taste. I had to check to see if cheese was in the ingredients, which it's not. It contains tofu (soybeans), mayonnaise, carrots, mustard (containing turmeric), garlic...
Boursin fig & balsamic soft white cheese

2 reviews

I love Boursin cheese. I also love figs and balsamic, but I ended up throwing this in the garbage. You can't even taste the figs. It's like eating balsamic flavoured cheese. Do not recommend
Primal Kitchen Caesar Dressing

2 reviews

The primal kitchen salad dressing in caesar, for the taste is pretty good a bit on the tangy side. The consistency is more thin compared to regular dressings. A good healthy alternative and those with specific diets as it’s paleo friendly, no sugar, no dairy and gluten-free.
Skinny food co chocoholic orange spread

1 review

Really nice spread, was a harder consistency than nutella but very similar with an orange flavour. Its 25 calories per serving compared to nutellas 85 calories however skinny foods serving is only 5g compared to nutellas 15g so the difference in calories is very minimal. I...
Reese's peanut butter

2 reviews

Reese's creamy peanut butter is my favorite. I have tried generic brands of peanut butter but they just do not compare to the quality of Reese's. The freshness and flavor are top notch and my go to for recipes and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.