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Crayola Classic Markers

73 reviews

My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves to color and draw her favorite are definitely markers she can play with markers literally all day definitely will buy again

375 reviews

I can always count on Play-Doh to help bring out my kids’ creativity. Whether they are only using one color or a variety pack, Play-Doh provides loads of fun. It’s a classic for a reason!
Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

50 reviews

Crayola sidewalk chalk is much better than other sidewalk chalks. The colors are bolder and brighter. The composition is stronger. It's less likely to break and is easier for little ones to hold and use. As far as sidewalk chalks, Crayola is the one to get!
Crayola Construction Paper

28 reviews

this is a great selection of coloo do so many things with projects personalized items and so on easy to cut glue tape paint glitter and bend great buy
Play Doh Barbershop

3 reviews

My kids played with this for hours. It was super inexpensive, and it is entertaining to both my kids. Not only that but the playdoh itself is so cheap and easy to replace if the kids don't get it put away correctly. Playdoh never gets boring to kids, they always love it and...
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Stringing Beads With 200+ Beads and 8 Laces for Jewelry-Making

2 reviews

We got this for my daughter's birthday and she's too young to spell but I am using it as a reading/alphabet lesson. She's able to string them and likes playing with the set. Great color options.
Melissa & Doug Sticker Pad - Make a Meal

1 review

I got this for my 3 year old daughter and she has a lot of fun making different placemats and meals for herself, sister, daddy and mommy. There is variety of different stickers ranging from drinks, burgers and toppings, pizza, desserts etc. There are 15 different placemats...

3 reviews

These are really cool but be very careful because if these get stuck in your child’s hair they are extremely hard to get out. I almost had to cut them out of my daughters long hair. It was a nightmare.
Flarp! Noise Putty

1 review

Flarp! Is super fun for kids to play with. It’s cool to the touch when it comes out of the container. Stretch it, squeeze it, play with it. You push it down in the container and it makes so not so pleasant sounds but kids love it! It will have them laughing! Be careful though...

2 reviews

I make my own cards and this set of pens provides me with a lot of color options for writing on them. The practice book that is included also helps with learning how to form the letters. Only a couple of the markers have brush tips, which is really what you need for calligraphy...
Crak Your Own Geodes

2 reviews

My son recieved this for his birthday. He enjoyed it even though he was a bit nervous he would smash the geode and it be no good. But he done great with it loved when he finally did break it open. The color were vivid but not to much.. this was a cool idea to get kids more...
Crayola Color Wonder Light up Brush

1 review

My daughter and I love this product by Crayola. The Brush lets my daughter create mess-free art. The Color Wonder paints are clear and won't mark or stain furniture, carpet or skin. The color magically appears when applied to the special paper. The Magic Light Brush lights up...
Educational Insights Playfoam Pals 12-Pack

2 reviews

From the moment my 5 year old saw this he was asking if he could play with it. It was easy to use and made no mess. I love that the foam does not dry out so it can be left out. Aside from making the letters on the car he enjoyed making shapes out of it that started with the...
Cool Maker KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker

53 reviews

We actually bought it for our son cuz he likes stuff like this. He had a lot of fun with both guy and girl friends. It's a bit pricey for something like that and we thought about if we wanted to spend such money on something this "girly". Turned out it was good not only for...
Crayola airbrush

2 reviews

We just love everything about Crayola. One thing we fell in love with is the crayola airbrush. The kids get a chance to make so many cool and fun pictures. They have endless amounts of fun creating different pictures. It is so much fun especially on rainy days.
Poopsie slime surprise

12 reviews

My daughter was very happy with the slime. She couldnt stop playing with it. The next day she wanted to go buy more! Even though she ended getting is stuck to the couch, she had a blast.
Maya Toys Orbeez - Ultimate Soothing Spa

6 reviews

I have 2 daughters and they fought over who was going to use it. They loved it so much. I had to go out and buy another one so they both can have one. Best thing ever my kids use it everyday day.
Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

10 reviews

I love using this paint for most of my projects. It's one particular brand that I purchase for my company as well. Not only is the price awesome but the array of colors also. Each one blends so good with mediums and thinners. The colors dry fairly quick to highly recommend...
Thomas dough engine maker kit

1 review

My son is obsessed with thomas the train so when I saw this wngine maker kid I knew I had to buy it he loves this so mu h he always wants to play with it he doesnt realize the dough dries up if you leave it out so he accidently leaves it out but other than that its great.
smart sketcher

1 review

The smART Sketcher Projector from FlyCatcher is a great way to help your child develop a love of drawing while improving many skills. Skills Taught: Fine Motor Skills: Holding a crayon, tracing a fine line, and coloring with a marker nurture fine motor skills in small hands...