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Concepts Day Spa Salon - Hudson Bay Ctr Reviews - Toronto
    Address: 20 Bloor E
    Hudson Bay Centre
    Toronto, Ontario M4W 3G7
    Phone: 416.928.6845

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    March 17, 2016

    Butchered my hair . Cut way too short and uneven. UGHHHHHHH where do they hire their hairdressers??

    THey clearly can't cut hair properly. My cut was a super easy one.

    Not worth the $5 I saved by Groupon. This is the 20 Bloor E location.

    Don't bother its not worth it.

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    October 08, 2014

    Concepts Salon, 20 Bloor St E, Toronto

    I once believed, "You get what you pay for" but $170 got me; A dark, mis-coloured head of hair, more attitude than I deserved and a blow dry - yes, they did charge me for the blow dry. Also, the 2 trips back, which were at my expense. It also paid for a lesson about a Salon I hope you don't experience. Honour, Pride of Work and Good Customer Service are only "Concepts" and the appropriately named, "Concepts Salon". ( HA, do you like what I did there?) I gave them 2 chances to fix the mistake done to my hair and each time I was met with a rude attitude and resistance. Here is my story.

    First, I had a previous experience with a Stylist, Nadia, she coloured bright red and fixed a cut from a previous Stylist from another salon. I was so happy leaving, I thought I had finally found a Salon I could confidently return to. So, when I needed my colour done again, I didn't think twice about calling. Nadia was booked, They offered me another stylist, Saturday was the only time I had for myself- in my schedule, free time is scarce, so I agreed.

    I met with D, she was really nice, great energy, I thought we had good communication. I explained I was trying to go back to my natural look. I understand it takes a while to get the red out, as I am naturally a brunette. (GASP!! I know, fake ginger.) I also, EVENTUALLY, would like some highlights. Today however, a medium to light brown- caramel, with a chocolate brown underneath. D Brought out some hair samples, she showed me a colour she had matched to my roots and said it was my natural colour, I told her it wasn't, I showed her a swatch from the selection of my natural. She assured me it wasn't my natural colour, instead of arguing I just asked if we could get to the colour I was showing her. D showed me a hair swatch of a colour she said she could take me to on that day. Good compromise. Like I said, I know getting red out takes time, but I was happy with the colour she was showing me she could do.

    My hair came out DARK.
    I mean… Almost black.

    She again assured me that was my natural colour. I left very upset with my new dark hair that D was so happy with. I didn't eve tip- Which I felt terrible about.

    I tried to get used to it. However, D showed me a colour she said she could take me to, now I was sitting with her mistake on my head. I payed $150 For this mistake. I called and spoke with the manager 2 days later.
    She heard my story, she spoke with D, then offered me 20% off getting my hair fixed by another stylist.
    WHAT? No. That is not acceptable. The stylist told me one colour, gave me another, then brushed it all off by telling me it was what I asked for? That's not ok…

    I asked for another consultation with D, in hopes I could come to a compromise with her, for HER mistake.
    SO, I went in and met with D again. She AGAIN told me the colour on my head was what I asked for. I told her I did not want to argue. We looked over the hair swatches again. I showed her what she SHOWED me she could get me to.. BLAH Is it as much of a headache to read as it is to explain? I told her we should focus on what can now be done, instead of what WAS done.
    A "Cocktail Shampoo" the following Friday was her solution. It sounded good to me. I purchased a shampoo she told me would help fade the colour until my appointment.
    I apologized for not tipping her last time, I explained I was upset and gave her $20 before I left.

    A phone call from the manager a few days before my second appointment with D, notifying me I will have to sign a "waver" that states I understand the damage I am going to have done to my hair.
    Um.. What damage! NO.. I DO NOT want to damage my hair. Why didn't D explain this to me. ALSO, the manager informed me they would be charging me for the "Shampoo Cocktail".
    Enough with this mess, I told her I will just be happy if they give me back the red I entered with.

    Friday came, I went back in expecting to have my hair fixed. D argued that what was on my head was what I asked for, AGAIN. She brought the "waver" I told her I would not sign it and asked I if she could just dye it red again, I will go back to a brighter red and be happy.

    D told me she knew I was going to be a problem from the first time we met. She wanted me to sign the waver because she knew I would be unhappy with anything she did to my hair. She also went on to explain how much I had complained about my experience with her co-worker, Nadia…


    I had not ONCE complained about the GREAT experience I had my first visit. I ONLY thad good things to say about Nadia and now, D admitted she was judging me upon arrival? I appreciate the honesty, but she clearly didn't listen when I was talking to her, the whole mess starts to make sense.

    I left, I could not have this woman touch my hair with the anger she now so clearly has for me.

    End result:

    My hair is dark brown ( it has faded over the 2 weeks, with the shampoo I have been using, but still SO dark against my pale skin, creating a nice "washed out" look)
    My underneath is dark purple.
    I paid $170 to not only have my hair brought to a level that only damaging it will bring it out of, I also was disrespected and condescended. Bad Customer Service! The customer isn't always right, I was hoping for at least a compromise, my business clearly is not appreciated.

    The manager refuses to reimburse me in any way.

    I work in the area and shared my experience with 3 other woman who had similar stories from the same Salon. I wish I talked with them first.

    This is just my story, but use your Discretion when choosing this Salon.

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    February 16, 2012

    I went to the salon a few times and although my first visit was fine, my second and third were not what I was expecting for the location or cost. I had the same stylist every time, and the mood of the place completely changed between my first and second visit. I did not feel welcome, and I was reluctant to part with my money after the experience - not a single employee was particularly polite to me, and I didn't feel comfortable the entire time I was there. If you need salon services, the results are not terrible - I just think there are a lot of other options available downtown where you can get more for a better price/ambiance.

    I can't speak to the spa services as I have never gone there for that reason, but I have a friend who goes regularly so maybe that side of the shop is better.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    December 06, 2010

    I was treated to some free services here by Concepts and their PR firm. Since I had tried a mani/pedi at their Holt Renfrew location, I opted for a bikini wax and pedicure here. My services were provided by Sumi, a lovely and gentle woman much like Anna from their other location. Let's face it. Bikini waxes are no fun. Especially if you are the sort that thinks less is more down there. Sumi was extremely gentle, only taking small amounts at a time, which made a big difference on the pain scale.

    I found the pedicure very relaxing and I like the fact that the spa services are completely separate from the salon. The spa portion is much nicer than the salon and it is much quieter. I don't think I would have been able to enjoy my services with the hum and bustle of the salon and its blow dryers so I was grateful for the separation. This location is slightly newer than the Holt Renfrew location and it shows in the decor. Overall, the experience was consistent at both locations.

    Again, my recommendation here is if you are looking for quality services at a reasonable price point you will have a nice experience here.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    April 14, 2010

    I started going to Concepts Day Spa and Salon in January. The Spa gave select media complimentary aesthetic services each month for this entire year So, I figured why not? Well, my aesthetician Debbie is amazing. I would recommend her to anyone, anytime. I've had manicures, pedicures and facials done there - all by her. Each time I was never disappointed. It's by far the best facial I have ever had and my tootsies are really appreciative every time I have a pedicure. After chasing my two boys - a 3 and a half year-old and an 18 month-old - all day, it's great to be really pampered. The atmosphere is really quaint and relaxing, and everyone I've encountered at the spa has been really nice as well. Their customer service is fantastic. Overall, it's an amazing experience each and every visit.

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