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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    March 14, 2013

    I had never used this hair salon before, but I decided to try it because it was near to my house and my other usual salon was booked solid. Made an appointment at this salon a week in advance for myself and husband as we were due to leave for vacation the next morning. Arrived at the salon 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled appointment. One hairdresser was in the back working with a client, several others were also visibly in the back chatting. No one was manning the front desk. Myself and my husband waited a good 15-20 minutes to be "noticed" and have someone come up to the front desk. The attendant was unable to find our appointment in her computer. She then called 2 other girls to the front desk to awkwardly stand around and watch her look for the booking and asked them if they knew about it. One of the girls said the appointment was booked in for several days before and that we were "no shows". I understand that problems/mistakes happen, but I was 100% sure that the appointment had been made for the day /time I had arrived... I work in a hotel and deal with "appointments" on a regular basis and have made few to no mistakes at that. Not to mention I had repeated back the day and time to the girl on the phone at the time of booking twice and written it done. I politely stated this to the girl to which she replied "well we normally charge for no shows but we won't charge you this time" ?!?!?!?! After this, they all sat and stared at us blankly, I suppose waiting for a reaction. I kept my mouth shut, despite all the STRONG words I felt coming on and said "Fine, we'll go elsewhere". TERRIBLE customer service, EVEN IF the customer is wrong... the general rule is to be polite, courteous, perhaps even apologize for the inconvenience. None of that happened, no acknowledgement of any mistake on their part and in fact, an air of "you're wasting our time". I feel they focus much more on the retail aspect of their salon than the actual salon. I would normally never comment on this but I feel I should based on my horrible experience --- of the 3 girls I saw working there, not ONE of them had hair that looked maintained. Ponytails, frizzy over bleached hair with massive roots, and terrible overdone makeup. A person's looks are their own choice I suppose, but in my experience if you're trying to get someone to come to you to get their hair/makeup etc done , you should have some examples of your "quality" work on show on your own self! Not look like a before picture in a makeover magazine. I will never go here again or recommend this salon to anyone. As I said, you would have still had me and my husband as a customer if the situation had been handled differently. I didn't want a discount, I didn't want you to bump out another customer. I wanted an apology and at least the premise of respect. Thanks for nothing Salon Fredricks!

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    February 20, 2012

    I had Kelly. I was skeptical of this salon at first, it is in the middle of a mall, no frills like I said.
    Their service was great though, the people working there were very helpful and kind.

    Usually when I go to a salon I end up leaving with a style that is nothing like what I pictured, usually because my stylist talked me out of what I wanted. But this time I didn't. It came out just the way I wanted it. The highlights were the perfect color, she toned it and got the brassiness out at no extra cost.

    Best hairstyle I have had in my life, and the the cut was flattering.
    The best part? it only cost me 80 dollars.

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