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Preston Road Animal Hospital Reviews - Dallas
    Address: 6060 Lbj Fwy
    Dallas, Texas 75240
    Phone: 2143682222

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    April 08, 2010

    Ok I have a bearded dragon, and he has been acting weird lately so I looked and looked for a herb vet, well these guys showed up. So I called and they said the first visit for a new "patient" was complementary. So WEEE I got really exited great I can get my little guy in to see a vet and my husband wont kill me for taking a "lizard" to the vet. So I made arrangements with them on the phone to bring him in at 7:00 in the morning and pick him up on my lunch. So I was running late, so I called them and asked if I could drop him off at lunch and pick him up when i get off work.
    O now they want to tell me that is fine, but to make sure I bring a check, cash or my debt to pay for the $200 fee. I was like WHAT? $200??? The man said yeah, we have to have that to hold him since it is going to be half a day and for any test/treatments we have to give him. I told him, I don't want you to test him or treat him for anything unless I am there. I just want you guys to look at him, and give me your expert opinion on what is going on. You see these animals on a reg. basis, what do you think I need to do. Just because sure I know how that works, when you go pick him up they would have had to run this test or that test and give him this and that. No way! and in the end if would cost $250 something for everything, do you think they would refund money?? Really??? I am just glad I was running late this morning and did not have to drive 20min out of my way in morning traffic to hear that surprise.
    I just think that is poor service. When you work at any place like that, when a customer calls you give them ALL the facts when they call the first time, you put them on hold if you have to to collect all the correct information. If not, if you tell a customer one thing and when they call back or come in, you honer what information they were told on the phone. Seriously. That is insane.
    To me it sounds like this place is all about the green paper.. MONEY MONEY MONEY! I don't like that. I don't like that service. I know we all have to make a dollar, and for companies to make it in this world, they have to make money, go that... But when you first talk to a new customer, you have to let them know, show them, make sure the know, it is about a passion for animals a passion for their carriers that they do what they do, not that the bottom dollar is the most important thing in the world. I don't think I will use these guys, I think I will find another herb vet. Thank for reading my post. Good luck!

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