• Acnetame Natural Hormonal Acne Supplement
  • Acnetame Natural Hormonal Acne Supplement
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Acnetame Natural Hormonal Acne Supplement Reviews

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April 15, 2014

I bought Acnetame from amazon.com for $24.99 and free shipping because I am a "Prime" customer. I do not get much acne but around my menstrual cycle is when I start to experience some breakouts. I know that this is due to hormonal fluctuations which also cause bloating and irritability. I have used topical acne treatments in the past which have worked but only temporarily as I still get acne during my period. The acne that I get around my period is usually on the side of my forehead - around the temple area, and a little on my chin as well.

The first day of taking Acnetame I took two tablets, one in the morning and one at night. I did not see a difference the next day but continued to take it as a reviewer on Amazon recommended to take it for at least a week to see noticeable results. After three days of taking two tablets a day I started to see the redness from my blemishes reduce and my skin started to become a little dry. I also read from another reviewer that dryness of skin means that it is working and if your skin becomes too dry to lower the dose and that is what I did. I then lowered the dose to only one tablet a day and by the end of the week my pimples were barely noticeable. I used the tinted Clearisil topical acne treatment as well but not every day as that dries out my skin as well.

I now take Acnetame every other day at only half a tablet as I find it helps prevent pimples before they even start. I also do not eat dairy, animal products, or high-glycemic carbs as they are main culprits in the production of hormonal acne.

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