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Banana Boat

The Banana Boat brand, owned by Sun Pharmaceuticals, LLC., aims to help us protect our skin while having fun in the sun. They carry a large selection of sun block and tanning oils for any age and activity. Popular products on ChickAdvisor include the Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil, Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion, and the Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen.

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Banana Boat Reviews

Banana boat simply protect sensitive
This banana boats sensitive sunscreen for my husband because he had eczema and this works great for him. The sunscreen claims to be no paraben, less ingredients and spf 50+. I liked the no presence of fragrance and hypoallergic component suits my husband's skin. Highly recommend...

Banana boat aloe after sun spray gel
I love Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Spray Gel! I keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling burst when I get a little too much sun. It makes a sunburn feel instantly cooler and I find using it a few times really minimizes peeling. I have used the spray on other burns as well, such...

Banana Boat Sunscreen Spray
This products works wonders, with having light skin I burn fast & this sunscreen helps me not turn into a tomato in the summer! It’s smells nice & I love how it sprays on, easy application.

banana boat simply protect kids
The positives- a) it doesn’t contain some of the chemicals that most other sunscreens contain (oxybenzone and avobenzone) b) actually is water resistant like it claims the negatives- a) a bit thick and hard to rub in b) a funny mineral smell as it is a zinc based sunscreen...

Banana Boat dry balance spf 50+
Since discovering this about 2 summers ago, I refuse to use any other sunscreen on my body. It absorbs quickly, has a decent spf rating, doesn't have an odour, and isn't sticky or greasy feeling. I wear sunscreen 365 days a year, so I need something that I will want to use over...

Banana Boat Baby Sunblock SPF 60
I apply this sun block on my baby and used the same brand for my self. Every time we stay out for a lil while, I see a bunch of marks on our bodies and it does not provide any protection however it moisturizes the skin a lil bit

Banana Boat Soothing Aloe After Sun gel
Another staple in my beauty cupboard here. I love the feel of this aloe vera gel. it is non greasy and absorbs well. I will be using it for the rest of the summer for sure.

Banana Boat kids SPF 50
I’ve been using this product ever since I was a little kid. I’ve tried other sunscreens, but this one works the best for me as it’s for kids. I have sensitive skin, and this product never gave me rashes or anything. Doesn’t smell like chemicals either.

Banana Boat SunComfort Sunscreen Lotion
I really like the ease of application with this product - the spray nozzle never gets stuck and you get even coverage with it. SPF30 is the minimum recommended SPF coverage in Canada. Make sure to reapply every 4-6 hours in moderate sun exposure. The formula is lightweight, not...

Banana Boat Sunscreen Stick
I took a vacay last year and didn't use anything on my face. I ended up getting sun blisters that lasted 2 weeks.... NOT FUN. I then took vacay again a couple months later and knew I needed something.. I purchased this from Shoppers Drug Mart and I AM SO HAPPY I DID!. I only...

Banana Boat SPF 45 Lipbalm Sunscreen
Yes I would by this again and again I have always loved the Banana Boat brand it's always been great to use especially for a sunscreen too! Love's it!

Banana boat protective tanning oil spf 8
In the spring months and even into the beginning of summer I still wear pants and so my legs aren't very tan in the summer. I sat in the sun with this on my legs for about half an hour before my legs started to feel a little tingly. then I got out of the sun and I got a...

Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen SPF 60
We used this sunscreen lotion during our vacation in Mexica. I think the skin is well protected, but the product gives you a sense of stickiness. Also, you should re apply it after each one hour.

Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil SPF 4
I remember this product making an appearance in my mothers hands each summer and the tradition continues with me. It is truly summer in a bottle to me. It smells amazing and definitely improves a tan. Love this product and consider myself a lifelong customer to the brand.

Banana Boat Natural Reflect kids sunscreen
Although this is a bit thick, it spreads fairly well and isn't noticable once it's rubbed in. Compared to other "natural" sunscreens I've tried on my kids, this one isn't as sticky or thick, bit it isn't as easily applied and absorbed as other mainstream sunscreen lotions and...