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Lady Speed Stick

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Lady Speed Stick Reviews

Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry
This is the brand I use the most as it works well, is often on sale, and I like using the invisible one so I don’t end up with white marks on dark shirts.

Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusions Strawberry Splash
I’ve been using this product since I was in elementary school, it’s always done the job well and is perfect for young girls just starting to wear deodorant, smells amazing and is good for sensitive skin

Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Antiperspirant & Deodorant
It was hard for me to find a deodorant that lasts, this product is so affordable and long lasting. I’ve been using it for many years. Anyone out there who has the same issue, please RUN and it get it at Walmart.

Lady Speed Stick cool and fresh 24 hour
Nice light scent not to over powering.. as a person always wearing black so its nice to not have lines everywhere with this one it barely shows anything.

Invisible Dry Antiperspirant Deodorant by Lady Speed Stick
This is a fantastic deodorant. It works very well. It does not leave marks, as promised on the packaging. I particularly enjoy this product because it is effective and I don't sweat through it. There is not a strong scent. I use this daily for all day protection. I advise using...

Lady Speed Stick 24H Antiperspirant
This product protects me well and does last quite a bit. I wouldn't go as far as saying 24 hours, but it gets you through the day. The deodorant can be a bit dry sometimes when you first try and apply. Other than that, it's a great purchase.

Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusions
Find this product works very well. I have sensitive skin and this is one of the products that don't bother me. I would recommend this product as it works and smells great.

Lady Speed Stick fresh infusions raspberry splash
This is a great deodorant/anti-perspirant. It has a nice fresh smell that is not overwhelming. It keeps you dry while keeping you odour free even when you work out.

Lady speed stick zero
This is my now go to deodorant. Not only is the price affordable but it also does the job without leaving you feeling sticky or with debris. You will go all day smelling freshly clean and the Pro benefits to the deodorant Are free of aluminum, dye and parabens! Can’t get...

Lady Speed Stick Citrus and Green Tea Antiperspirant
This is my usual brand of antiperspirant and I'm loving this new scent. Smells fresh and not too overbearing which I like. Works great, no issues with sweat or odor while using this formula. Feels great and doesn't love any staining or residue on clothing.

Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusions Orchard Blossom
I like to have several antiperspirants to choose from to maximize effectiveness. I find that if I always use the same one, it doesn't work as well. Orchard Blossom fragrance is light, fresh and glides on well. The scent reminds me of summer =O)

Lady Speed Stick Parfum Infusions 48H
This is my favourite type of antiperspirant that I have tried. It smells great and works really well. If I sweat it even covers up the body odour smell. I even use it for my daughter who is becoming a teenager!

Lady speed stick invisible in cool and fresh
This product is excellent, works very well, works for 24 hours, is fresh and dry, and leaves no marks, works very well for it's money which is expenseive but worth it all. I will tell everybody. 45g.

Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry Antiperspirant/Deodorant Powder Fresh
I bought this antiperspirant a long time ago on sale. 70 g will last you forever. It smells okay, and it doesn't stain clothes and can be easily washed away. It is too sticky for me, but this antiperspirant provides a whole day protection, so it gets the job done.

Lady Speed Stick Unstoppable
Antisudorifique au parfum extrêmement prononcé trop pour moi, l'odeur devient envahissante c'est désagréable.Il offre une protection que je qualifierais de minimale ,il s'applique bien et le contenant est ergonomique mais ce n'est pas un produit qui me convient.