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Lay's Reviews

Lay's Potato Chips
Lay's Potato Chips

197 reviews

Not too salty, not too peppery, not too greasy, just a yummy chip with decent crunch. A nice change from a regular chip or a more seasoned or flavoured chip. Subtle but not boring. Would get these again.

Lay's Ketchup Chips
I had this fish and mayo laying around. But it didnt do the job. So i bought these beautiful chips, and mixed that shit up with my fish and mayo. And by god this is the beste shit ever. If you ever arne high in meth, i would highly recommed this. Anyways i gootta smoke me some...

Lays Classic Potato Chips
These potato chips never disappoint! Always crisp with the right amount of saltiness. They also doesn’t have a lot of crumbles at the bottom which is great.

Lay's Oven Baked Original Chips
A much healthier snack than regular potato chips. Not greasy and very tasteful. We have found that they do not break as easily in the bag like regular chips do

Lay’s Cheddar Jalapeño Chips
I really like the taste of these chips. When you first put them in your mouth you get the cheesy goodness taste. After a couple seconds you get the heat from the jalapeños. They have just the right amount of spice for me since I am not good with too much heat. If you like...

Lay's Salt and Vinegar Chips
The Lays salt and vinegar are very good and sometimes very addicting to eat! One of my favourites and usually buy for my household for snacks and parties

Lay's Poppables Cheddar Potato Snack
Great flavour. Light and crunchie. I bought these at a vending machine at work. I was surprized to see how good they were. So now it's good to change it up a bit instead off chips I buy Poppables or both! White cheddar is my fav.

Lay's Wavy Potato Chips
We used to give our kids and we as well consume the classic one. But we discovered that the Lays Wavy is same test but less fat and grease! We love having this chips on movie or tv time. It had become the familys most fave snack during movie time

Lay's Nature Potato Chips
Les chips lays nature sont les meilleurs!leur gout parfaitement salé viens a bout de mes rage de faim quand je suis a lexterieur de chez moi. Jen achete au moin un paquet toutes les semaines. Je vais toujours acheter cest chips car ce sont a mon gout les meilleures de toute.

Lays Roast Chicken Chips
Tasty chips- Definitely could eat the whole big bag at once, breakfast, lunch, and supper. Chips have perfect light smokiness flavour, that you cannot just have one.yum

Lay's Stax BBQ
Lay's Stax BBQ

9 reviews

Lay's Stax are a common snack in my home. I love how they are less greasy than other chip options(great for not getting your controllers in a mess) and easy on the wallet too! The amount of chips in the tube is great for the price and the flavour isn't too overwhelming or...

Lay's Kettle Cooked Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Chips
I like these chips,they have a nice crunch,and you can really taste the pepper,this makes an awesome snack,I love eating this with salsa,it is so yummy,I can never get enough. The price isn't bad either.I would definitely recommend to friends.

Lay's Creamy Garlic Caesar Chips
These are disgusting! They taste bad and leave an awful taste in your mouth.

Lay's Oven Baked Barbecue Chips
I just tried these the other day. I love BBQ flavoured chips....they seem to be my go to flavour now. These were really nice. They had a great crunch to them. They contain 65% less fat, which is also an added bonus.

Lay's Wavy Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
These are surprisingly really good. I thought I'd try them, though before trying I thought they would be really weird. They are pricey so they aren't something I'd buy all the time, just as a treat once and a while.