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Canadian women’s trustworthy beauty partner for almost 75 years, Marcelle is the cosmetics and skin care brand that offers high quality hypoallergenic and perfume-free products. ChickAdvisor members recommend the Marcelle Essentials 1st Wrinkles Eye Contour Cream, Marcelle New Age Anti-Wrinkle Make Up, and the Marcelle Hydra-C Facial Cleansing Gel.

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Marcelle Reviews

Marcelle Ultra Gentle Moisturizing Cream
This anti-dryness face cream is "gluten free, paraben free, oil free and non comedogenic". I must admit that my makeup doesn't sit very well over this moisturizer, but I never noticed breakouts or irritation when I was testing it. At almost $20, this cream has good packaging...

Marcelle Eye Make-up Remover Pads
The price was good for these pads but I did not find it lived up to it's claims. It was supposed to remove even mascara without lots of rubbing but I found it required lots of rubbing and I lost eyelashes every time plus it never fully removed all of the mascara. I ended up...

marcelle extra sensitive face cleanser
This is the only cleanser I can use for my sensitive skin that never irritates or dries me out. It is so hydrating and gentle yet removes makeup very well. My go-to product if my skin is flaring up.

Marcelle Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover
I really like this eye makeup remover because it works well without having to scrub or tug on the sensitive eye area. It dissolves makeup quickly and it doesn't leave a weird film on my eyes after use.

Marcelle Soothing Cleansing Water
Wow great product ,paraben free oil free

Marcelle Eye Make-up Remover Lotion
I absolutely LOVE this product. The main reason being that it is not greasy and does not irritate my skin or eyes. Best of all, it still works wonderfully and can remove the most stubborn mascara of all.

Marcelle Waterproof Lip Liner
I overdraw my lips a bit, to give them a fuller look without painful and expensive injections. This lip liner has full coverage and is highly pigmented. It lasts all day, especially when you apply a long-lasting lipstick over it, such as L'Oreal's Infallible Pro Matte Liquid...

Marcelle Moisture Cream
I was looking for a moisturizer as the normal one I use wasn't keeping my skin healthy enough through the winter. This product is awesome! It doesn't feel too heavy and keeps my skin hydrated all day long.

Marcelle Gentle Foaming Wash
This product is hands down my absolute favourite. For YEARS I've been looking for a cleanser that is just right for my Combo- Highly Sensitive Skin type and this is it. It really helps control my oil in my t-zone and never ever dries out my dry patches. I have never had a...

Marcelle multicolour pressed powder- chanterelle beige
I am nit crazy about this product. I find that there is not enough pigment to the strips of colours. The colour is not very visible once applied. I find myself applying the product multiple times and it is still not noticeable. The only thing that it does leave on my face is a...

Marcelle Opus Trio Blush
Pink trilogy is a great blush trio from Marcelle. Blush feels light and breathable. I love how nicely colors blend in, looks great on skin. Because of several shades, it gives a very natural look. Doesnt come with brush.

Marcelle Quad Blush
I bought Ultimate Corals. My favourite blush is BeneFit Sugarbomb, and the same concept and a similar colour palette are at play here. Sugarbomb is more pigmented and buildable; Ultimate Corals is subtler and more versatile. I've been using it practically non-stop since I bought...

marcelle revival pro sculpt  day care
The cream was easily absorbed. the scent was pleasant. I didn't find it sculpted in any way. It did moisturize. It also caused me some blocked pores, but most moisturizers do this to me causing pimples. Didn't see any noticeable benefits.

Marcelle DD Cream
I have been using Marcelle DD Cream in Light to Medium for a little over a year. This incredible beauty brand is made in Canada and offers a wide range of products. I use a few of their products and recommend Marcelle to all of my friends. What I love most about the DD Cream...

marcelle fluid moisturizer
In the winter I usually get super dry skin, the combination of micellar solution and this moisturizer keeps the flakes away. My skin looks hydrated and feels great.