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President's Choice Reviews

P.C. Mozzarella
P.C. Mozzarella

5 reviews

PC Mozzarella cheese is delicious whether you are having a snack with or without crackers. I use it shredded to go on top of my homemade pizza. It has the best consistency for being stringy.

Presidents Choice whole baby clams
I buy these canned clams all the time instead of the name brands because they taste every bit as good. They make up a great clam chowder, spaghetti sauce, or just eat out of a can.

President's Choice Tzatiki Dip
This Tzatziki is really yummy and packed full of flavour. Its thick and can be used for more than just a dip. We love spreading it in pitas when making chicken souvlaki, absolutely delicious. Great taste!

president's choice puff pastry
I always have a box or two (or three) of President's Choice Butter Puff Pastry in my freezer. So convenient to have on hand. Great for making Pigs in a Blanket and Pot Pies. Very easy to work with and puffs up perfect every time!

President's Choice Frozen Raspberries
My two year old is obsessed! She loves fruit and I give these to her frozen. I'm also a big raspberry lover but can never bring myself to buy them fresh (way too expensive and usually half moldy). Occasionally I do have a bad one in these bags, but overall very good quality...

Presidents Choice Watermelon and Lemon Drink
Best drink that President Choice has made. It's an amazing chilled drink during the summer. Drink it alone or add a little alcohol for an extra twist.

President's Choice- the decadent chocolate chip cookies-middle
Omg I like the taste of it so much, guys go to shoppers and it will be on sale usually during the weekends so buy it and try it and u will love it and regret why you didn’t try this but you will also feel happy that you atleast tried now. It had chocolate chip in it and filled...

Presidents Choice Tortilla Bite size round chips
I use them for all kinds of party dips. Taco night wouldn't be the same without them. My little kids hands are way too small for the big taco shells but give them these little bowls and they're eating little taco after little taco. I find all President's Choice products really...

Presidents Choice Blue Menu Peaches & Cream Corn
I love corn. And I love the price of the president's choice canned corn. I use this in my tuna salad, as a side dish, or in a bean salad. It's so good and so healthy. It's affordable and there's no salt so you can throw it in any meal without the extra saltiness of it. Highly...

presidents choice sweet with heat mustard
I love this mustard! I am not a big traditional mustard lover, but saw this at a hot dog cart one day and thought I would try it. I was so happy I did - it's got a great balance of sweet and heat and as with many PC products, is a great value - especially when it's on sale. I...

Presidents Choice loads of barbeque potato chips
I bought these when Fortinos had $1 chip sale. I love barbeque chips! These are really nice. They look like barbeque chips, lots of seasoning. They have a nice crunch and the ruffles is a nice change, since I usually don't get ruffle style.

President's Choice Rising Crust Canadian Pizza
For the inexpensive price you are paying for this pizza, it is worth every dollar you're spending. I actually think it's better than its name brand counter parts, like Delissio. It's thick, it's filling, and it's quite tasty. It's a little bit greasy, but I think that's just...

President's Choice Kettle Corn Sweet & Salty
Just a very fresh natural taste. I will buy it over and over again. The popcorn is light, not overly seasoned, just the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

President's choice decadent peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies
Disappointed in these; though the texture is good and chocolate taste quite good, you can barely notice the peanut butter flavor. I think they could've married these tastes much more successfully. Expected a much richer flavour..

President's Choice All-Natural Puffed Wheat
I really like this cereal, especially because it has very little calories or sugar, or anything at all for that matter. It is great paired with some milk, and fruit, and makes for a healthy breakfast that is sure to fill you up. It leaves you feeling happy with what you have...