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President's Choice Reviews

Presidents Choice Quinoa

president's choice lemonade
I absolutely love this lemonade. I grew up my whole life with it and it’s absolutely amazing. Needless to say my kids love it as well, it is a nice refreshing drink to have after a long hot day and just sit back and relax too.

President's Choice Peppercorn Smoked Atlantic Salmon
This is a wonderful smoked salmon product! I recently discovered it at the grocery store here and decided to try it over my regular brands. It has a wonderful smoky flavour and you can taste the quality of the salmon. It tastes great on its own, or with the classic bagels and...

President's Choice Free & Clear Black Cherry
I love black cherry and this sparking water is delicious. The PC brand is my favourite, the only 1 downfall is that it goes flat quickly the taste and quality are delicious.

President's Choice Small Sweet Peas
Can't go wrong with frozen peas. They are super quick to prepare. Just add them to boiled water and done in a couple minutes. I also add them to pasta sauces that I make and they heat through in the sauce. They are tiny and fresh tasting

president's choice penne
I bought President's choice Blue Menu brand penne pasta this week because it was on sale. I was pleased with the moist taste as well as the fact that it was made with 100% wheat semolina.

President's Choice Sesame Seed and Quinoa Brown Rice Crackers
We had a snack day shortly before the end of the school year. I found these sesame seed and quinoa brown rice crackers on the counter in the staffroom. I took a handful, and was finding myself grabbing yet another handful since they were so delicious. I will buy these next time...

President's Choice Formula
When we switched to this formula from other more expensive brands, I couldn’t believe how much money we saved! The powder formula needs a bit more effort to fully dissolve, but nothing to complain about.

Presidents Choice Jamaican Beef Patties Mini
Oh these are so good I dip them in alioli sauce I dotn eat them much cause sodium count is high ,there great for meals or snacks ,taste like real jamican part-time

President's Choice Creatine Monohydrate
This powder is almost flavourless and mixes really well, which isn't the case for all supplement powders. I rated the effectiveness at 5 also, but please note I would have preferred to do n/a since I had to stop using it. It turns out because kidney problems run in my family...

President's Choice Maple & Bacon Popcorn
This mix of maple and caramel is just the best combo i ever had. It s so yummy! The only negative is it s hard to find in stock. When i do find I make sure i have a little stock because i just love this popcorn. Made with real maple and bacon. The perfect sweet and salty...

President's choice mocktail cosmopolitan
Not much for canned drinks other than pop...BUT this tasted like the real thing. Next one goes in the freezer door the slushy effect. Don't think I would want to spoil the taste with the position much ice. A little would go a long way. BRAVO! President's Choice.

President's Choice Hot Taco Seasoning Mix
I hate buying taco mix and will usually mix my own at home to avoid unnecessary additives, but if I am going to buy a prepackaged taco mix, this is my favourite one. I would definitely buy this product again. It has a good balance of flavours, and I like the amount of heat in...

President's Choice Baby Dill Pickles
I am always happy to see this product on the shelf because they usually cost significantly less than the usual name brands. They are exactly the same or better quality pickles, and I would like to think I am a good judge of that as I eat a lot of pickles, and because I can my...

President's Choice Hot Salsa Pico De Gallo
This Pico De Gallo is so fresh and has just the right amount of spice! I found it a little bit watery, not as much as other brands I've tried before but it is to be expected when you use fresh tomatoes. I would definitely buy again when we do our Mexican nights!