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President's Choice

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President's Choice Reviews

Presidents Choice Blue Corn Tortilla Chips
Just bought these. They are very good. I had them with some Pico de Gallo and they were so good. I will definitely be purchasing these again and more than likely every time I want a tortilla chip.

President's Choice (PC) Banana Vanilla Greek Yogurt with Coconut Flake Granola
I bought these from Loblaws just the other day. They are sold for $5. You get 4 cups of yogurt which also have an attachment to them of the topping, The topping is granola and coconut flakes. The granola has a nice crunch to it and the coconut flakes add a good level of...

Presidents Choice Carrot Cake Fudge
I found this fudge on sale for $3 at Shoppers drug mart. The fudge comes in a 200g resealable box with the fudge inside enclosed in a bag. When smelling the fudge it does really remind me of carrot cake and a little bit like pumpkin pie. There are caramelized pecans inside the...

President's Choice Cauliflower
I am LOVING all the PC frozen veggies-- mainly because I often get PC plus points buying these at independent. I use the cauliflower a lot for soups-- thickens them up without having to add milk!

Presidents choice wild berry fruit twists
As with other PC products, I really appreciated the price of these. I was glad my kid loved them, but I still think the sugar content is too high for a product intended for children. They are great as an energy-boosting snack.

Presidents choice sicilia salt
I love President's Choice Sicilia Sea Salt. It more affordable to comparable products. I love the size of the salt crystals. It's really adds to the flavor of the food I cook.

President's Choice Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake with coconut and cookie crust
I wish there as a way to give more than five stars because President's Choice Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake with coconut and cookie crust truly deserves it. Omg the flavour is just simply amazing. Hard to believe it came out of a box from the frozen food section.

President's Choice Earl Grey Tea
I am very particular about my Earl Grey tea and this is by far the best I've tried in forever. It kicks Tetley's out of the ballpark. So flavourful and such a bargain

President's Choice Hot Red Pepper Jelly
The PC hot red pepper jelly is a staple in my household. We love to use it in our charcuterie boards and you can't beat it when paired with brie! Also a huge hit around the holidays!!

President's Choice Omega 3 Eggs
These aren't overly expensive for a high-quality egg. They have really great golden yolks and a rich flavor. We prefer buying these above the generic eggs and they don't break the bank.

President's Choice Feeling Calm Camomile Citrus Herbal Tea
I have insomnia and have a hard time getting to sleep. Been drinking this calming tea for the past 5 nights and have fallen asleep easily and slept for 4 hours straight. Love the spearmint aroma and smooth taste.

President's Choice banana split with chocolate fudge crackle
I really enjoyed this twist on the banana split. The ice cream has a rich and delicious banana flavor. If you love bananas or banana flavored candy/Popsicle, you will love this!! There are chunks of chocolate throughout which add a nice flavor and texture and also swirls of...

Presidents Choice Tortillas strips
The PC tortillia strips make the perfect topper for soups and salads. I have a bag of them in my desk at work so I can add them to my lunches any time. They are super crunchy and have a hint of lime which makes them even better! They also come in a chipotle cheddar flavor.

President's Choice Extra Chunky Mild Salsa
This is a pretty good 'generic' and very mild salsa, although not particularly punchy with flavours. I prefer the spicier version! If you like mild flavours, this might be for you!

President's Choice Laundry Detergent
It is a good detergent, smells good and takes grease out in a good way. My only issue is that it seems that th detergent is running out really fast. So it is like a drop does not last too much.