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President's Choice Reviews

President's Choice Vegetable Samosas
These were great!! I just bought them for myself, but would be great when you have company or going to a party. They samosas are small so you don't feel like you over done it when eating. They also come with a dipping sauce.

President's Choice Moroccan-Style Mint Green Tea
My favorite mint green tea. I don't brew cups of this, I brew pots. I find it especially good when I feel a cold or flu coming on, or when I find myself stuck in one or my throat gets messed up. I strong pot or three of this stuff and I can at least breathe or speak for a...

President's Choice Tomato and Basil Bruschetta
I bought this for use as an appetizer for the Valentine's Day meal for my boyfriend and I. It was very good, and I would likely purchase it again. It does not taste the same as fresh bruschetta, obviously, but it is still very pleasant and it makes it much easier to make rather...

Presidents Choice Low Sodium Vegetable Juice
I've bought this juice for a few food fasts and I can never bring myself to drink it, no matter how hungry I am. It's just not good, only tastes like strong, acidic tomatoes. Better to spend the little bit extra and get Mott's.

President's Choice Dry Comfort Diapers
Baby was wet in 3 hours. He sleeps on his stomach and these diapers are not built to absorb upwards like pampers would. What a terrible purchase and waste of money. Might work as daytime diapers but don’t even try them overnight unless you enjoy a crying baby who’s then too...

President's Choice Tex Mex frozen pizza
When I went to buy pizza for dinner and saw this flavour I decided to give it a try. I love trying unique flavour combinations, and what can go wrong with Tex Mex and pizza? The first issue I saw with this is that the toppings were not spread evenly on the pizza, but this could...

PC Vegetable Spring Rolls
We did not enjoy these as much as others we have tried. They are more oily than crispy and they lack flavour. If you enjoy your rolls with a lot of sauce, then you might not notice how disappointing they are, but if you taste them plain you will notice they are not up to...

Presidents choice strawberry Fruit twists
These are really great for travelling and on the go snack not messy at all taste like sweet strawberries and comes individually packaged in the box you only get 6 wish they say had bigger boxes of them price expensive I think for 6

P.C Caramel Cashew Toffee Ice Cream
This icecream was so yummy that you can't stop at one serving. The taste is nutty and he texture smooth and creamy. Loved the aroma and does not seem too sugary.

President's Choice Nutrition First Dog Food
Our lab was on the original Salmon formula for 5 years, beautiful coat, well formed stool, vet said it was amazing for her! Then we couldn't find it at any stores in our area, staff knew nothing, it was a disaster, we tried many other foods, no go! found a similar product our...

President's Choice Chocolate Covered Raisins
As other reviewers have already stated - large, really plump and juicy raisins covered in quality chocolate. What’s not to like! Extremely moorish. A great treat when you need some energy.

President's Choice Tomato of Yore
I decided to try a different kind of tomato than the usual ones I get. These are rich, old fashioned flavour and very juicy. Juicy is right! As soon as you cut them open, the juices start to flow. They are a fairly small in size to a few slices needed for a sandwich. They do...

presidents choice raspberry vinegrette salad dressing
I love raspberry vinegrette salad dressing! Normally I buy the K***t brand BUT the store was out of that and only had the Presidents Choice brand. I will never go back to the other brand for this flavor!! The dressing has a lighter taste with more raspberry flavor and the fact...

President's Choice 100% sparkling fruit juice
I always pick these up. They taste amazing. I would like to say I always have them in the fridge. But they don't really last long. My kids always drink them as soon as they see them

President's Choice Waffle Cone Chicken
Really delicious chicken strips coated with waffle cone give it a nice crunch. You get Maple Syrup dipping sauce but I never use it. The chicken is tender not dry which is a good thing.