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President's Choice Reviews

PC soft baked ginger cookies
I can't wait to try soft versions of popular cookies, and these are fantastic! The candied ginger pieces are terrific, making them not your average ginger cookie. I warm them a bit, and sometimes melt some chocolate on them. PC has done it again!

President's Choice Blue Menu Extra Lean ground turkey
I find this is pretty inexpensive but you get a lot of meat in a package. Easy and fast to cook up. Perfect for chili and tacos. A nice healthier alternative to ground beef, pork.

President's Choice Ginger Peach Herbal Tea
This is a fabulous tea to drink when you are sick, and it is great to drink for fun when you're not. It has a wonderful taste, and is great lightly sweetened. It's not too gingery and has a strong peach taste. It's great in every season. It also works well as an iced tea, which...

President's Choice Cookie Butter Speculoos
decided to try it And I have to say. THIS. IS. DELISH! SO GOOD! just that I wish their was less sugar as my teeth hurt after having some lol. Also why don’t they have real

President's Choice The Decadent Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
No difference between these or the name brand. Will always choose this brand in jbaking or for our morning breakfast. My kids tried both and said the same thing.

President's Choice Tea Latte London Fog
I saw this product on sale at my local grocery store and figured I'd give it a try. Generally I add milk and sugar to black teas but found this drink to have enough milkiness and sweetness without having to add extra. As with a traditional London Fog you can taste the earl...

President's Choice Raw Zipperback Pacific White Shrimp
These frozen shrimp are shell on and devined. The shell is very easy to remove either raw or cooked. I like to add these to my pasta and rice. They are very quick to cook up...just a couple minutes. They taste great too!

President's Choice Pub Recipe Chicken Strips
This is the first time I've eaten the President's Choice chicken fingers. They are pretty good. The don't take long to cook. They come out of the oven with a crispy coating and the meat is moist, not dry. Perfect for any dip, or just on their own.

President's Choice Black Label Pasta
These are AMAZING. Fresh pasta with a range of delicious fillings, ready in 7 minutes. We have tried most of them and have been impressed every time. The packages don't come with a lot of pasta in them and are kind of expensive (but I think they've come down in price recently?)...

Presidents Choice Pad Thai sauce
This is the Pad Thai sauce that I always seem to go back to. I have tried many other brands but this seems to be the one that my family loves the most and always requests. The price of $3.50 a jar cannot be beat. It is not spicy which allows for all people to customize their...

President's Choice Gluten Free Flour
My husband has Hashimotos and needs to be gluten free so I have been experimenting with gluten free products for years. This is by far the best flour I have ever used! It can be substituted 1:1 in any recipe that calls for regular flour and the taste and texture is hard to tell...

President's Choice Black Label Smoky Chipotle Salsa
I bought this salsa to go with a meal that I was making for my boyfriend and I. We used it in a three layer nacho dip. It was absolutely amazing. I cannot even begin to describe how good it was, but I'll do my best. It was only slightly smoky, with a good level of spice and...

President's Choice Pub Recipe Chicken Nuggets
I bought these on sale thankfully as I was so disappointed in the entire product. They had absolutely no flavor and the chicken was compressed and tasted so fake and kept repeating on me for hours. My grandchildren would only eat a bit of the breading. If it seems to good to be...

President's Choice Bangkok Style Vegetable Blend
This a great buy for busy families. I used it for a stir fry and dinner was ready before the rice finished cooking. This is a great mix that is sure to please the whole family.

PC Strawberry Skyr Icelandic Style 0% M.F. Yogurt
This yogurt has a texture somewhere in between a thick Greek yogurt and a regular thinner yogurt. The strawberry flavour is mild but comes through in a strawberries and cream flavour, with the cream being the taste of vanilla yogurt. There are small pieces of strawberries mixed...