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President's Choice

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President's Choice Reviews

Presidents choice almond milk
Great alternative milk, my kids love it and drink it very often. Reasonably priced and good taste. It's a winner in my books, also easy to find so easy to recommend to people new to alternative milk

President's Choice Great Canadian Coffee Maple
I tried this coffee on a whim and now I'm hooked! I also feel good about buying a product that is 100% compostable. The flavour and aroma are amazing and the price is awesome. You can't go wrong at 5.99 for 12!

President's Choice SPF 50 Spray Kids' Sunscreen
J'avais acheté cette bouteille d'écran solaire pour ma fille de 2 ans à la fin de l'été dernier. Je l'utilise depuis le début de l'été et je peux dire que je l'adore. Cet écran solaire est très rapide d'application et sèche très rapidement. Elle n'a jamais eu de...

President's Choice Harissa Pacific White Shrimp
These shrimp are really good and delicious! They are small shrimp so take no time to cook up at all. They are plump and tasty. The sauce is a nice added touch...you can control how much or how little you want to use, which I like.

President's Choice Popcorn in Dill Pickle
I usually buy the Sweet and Salty flavour of the President's Choice popcorn, however there was a buy 2 deal at the store, so that's why I gave these a try. I loved Dill pickle chips growing up as a kid. These tasted exactly like that just in popcorn. It was so salty and dill...

PC Crème Brûlée rich vanilla custard desserts in glass ramekins
These tasty deserts are delicious ! Soft custard with a crunch toasted brulee on top ! Served in a glass dish makes the desert fancy enough for a dinner party but cheaper than making them yourself

presidents choice caramel cup icecream bars
Presidents choice caramel cup icecream bars with salted caramel bits. Absolutely great value $3.99 for 5. Great size for a mid afternoon snack as well or after dinner. 9 grams of fat per bar, which really isnt that bad for a icecream bar!

President's Choice Chicken, Bacon & Caramelized Onion Flatbread
This is great to have on hand for a quick meal. It takes no time to cook up, probably because of the thin crust. It has a nice flavour with the mozzarella cheese, camalized onions, roasted chicken, goat's milk cheese and bacon.

President's Choice Broccoli Florets
President’s Choice frozen broccoli is a staple in my freezer. This product steams great, even in the microwave, also roasts great retaining a crisp texture. The bag is all florets so you won’t find the annoying broccoli ‘bits’ as with other products.

President's Choice Nutty Monkey Frozen Yogurt
This is banana flavoured frozen yogurt with a peanut butter swirl and chocolate chunks. It's a really delicious frozen yogurt. No flavours overpower each other, which is great. I was hard not to eat the whole catainor in one go.

President's Choice Mild Salsa
This is a pretty good salsa. It is exactly what it says, mild. It's just blended up vegetables with seasoning. It I also fat free. The only down side is that it's very watery. So I ended up buying the chunky kind which seems be better in consistency.

President's Choice Black Label Pasta Sauce
All the flavours are amazing but my top pick is tomato and basil. I'm Italian so have not only grown up with authentic Italian cooking parents/grandparents but I have been to Italy several times and can tell you this stuff is legit. I normally never buy canned sauce but this...

Presidents Choice Medium Roast Whole beam coffee
Presidents Choice Medium Roast Whole bean coffee is amazing in taste. I use to be a Tims only coffee drinker. This coffee is great tasting, nice and smooth. Won't break the bank either. For sure pays to grind you're own coffee. So fresh much better than pre ground.

Presidents choice medium roast gourmet coffee
I had been buying McDonald's coffee at home but their coffee is a little pricier than what I wanted to spend. I love PC products to being with so I decided to try this out. This is now my new favorite. It has great taste without being bitter and it sure does the trick of...

Presidents choice cane sugar soda raspberry vanilla
I got 4 cans for 1.99 which is good deal this came sugar pop is really good it's vanilla raspberry and you can really taste the vanilla with a. nice hint of raspberry flavour really good cold and with ice also great with #Captainmorganrum