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President's Choice

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President's Choice Reviews

President's Choice Berry Banana Smoothie
President's Choice Smoothie; my boss first introduced me to these smoothies very natural tasting home made squeezed fruit tasting more natural than others not as sweet good fruit flavour, natural flavour nice texture easy to drink good price

President's Choice Multigrain Oatmeal
This product is a multi grain no sugar added cinnamon instant oatmeal. I have purchased similar products before but found this one to be very gross. I found it salty without any flavour. It is good for you but I would rather buy instant oats and add my own spices.

Presidents Choice Ice Cream Shop Flavours
One of the hometown favourites from out east in Nova Scotia. Orange cream with licorice. As for the quality creamy and nice. It was Scotsburns This reminds me of the flavour.

President's choice camomile tea
I was a little surprised at how much I liked this,I am not a big tea drinker and when I do it's usually Tetley,this tea had an unusual flavor, but it was soothing and I felt it relaxed me and helped me sleep better ,which was nice because I have trouble sleeping .Its inexpensive...

President's Choice Sensitive Baby Wipes
Never buy again..first they don't have a lid on the packages..just a piece of Sticky tape..pack of 100..after A third if the wipes used the tape doesn't close everyday they get drier..at about 50 wipes..you may as well toss them.baf for your pocketbook and bad for the...

President’s Choice Greek Yogurt
I bought this on a whim when my normal brand of Greek yoghurt was out of stock. I was pleasantly surprised as to how delicious and thick this yoghurt was. It has a delicious tang and goes so well with any fruit and granola combination. It is also lower in calories and sugars...

Presidents Choice Fine Grind Coffee
I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this coffee! It has a strong bold flavour yet it's not too strong to raise the hairs off your back. I really like this coffee in the morning, it's the perfect roast to start your day off right.

President's Choice Green Super Absorbent Diapers
These work super well. So much better than others I’ve tried. I have two kids. 17m and 5m and they both use them. They even last at night time! Will continue to use them

President's Choice Almond Dark Chocolate
I was reading the other ChickAdvisor reviews but I am the opposite of them. I really enjoy bitter dark chocolate so I really like this bar made from #PresidentsChoice. It is packed full of crunchy almonds and I prefer dark chocolate so for me this is a pretty good tasting bar.

President's Choice Frozen Yogurt
Presidents choice makes a great frozen yogurt, it's so much creamier then others that I have tried and I love all of the flavour selections. My favourite is the caramel pecan flavour!

PC Blue Menu Greek Yogurt Smoothie Bars-Mango
I love the PC brand of 'healthier' frozen treat options! This frozen treat tastes exactly like a berry fruit smoothie and it's pretty delicious! It's a great option for those craving a sweet and cold treat, but without the guilt! Yummy! Give these a try!

Presidents Choice Greek Yogurt Smoothie Bars/Honey
I love these bars. So creamy and delicious, better than some of the generic ice cream bars. If you want a rice, satisfying treat, grab a box of these.

Presidents Choice Sofrito Condiment
Presidents Choice has really been coming out with some interesting products lately.I love checking out the aisles and trying new products.A few are a miss but I often find really good products.This sofrito condiment is really good!It has a nice spicy taste and really pairs well...

Presidents Choice Blue Menu Swirl Smoothie Bar in Orange
We love these! But we find them a little overpriced. Faves are the mango. The field berry. And the Strawberry Banana. Taste great and are a good size for that after dinner/late night treat. The field berry and the strawberry/ban ones are deliciously creamy. All flavours we...

presidents choice the great canadian tassimo
A great cup of coffee. I only buy discs for my workplave coffee machine and this makes a great cup of rich coffee for a beggars price. Will absolutely purchase again.