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Pure Leaf

Pure Leaf is a premium iced tea brewed from real tea leaves picked at their freshest.

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Pure Leaf Reviews

Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla Loose Long Leaf
Bought this for a different flavoured tea. Enjoyed it very much as the flavour of the vanilla was subtle and not overpowering. I also found that this tea did not need to have much sweetener added to it.

Pure Leaf Green Tea with Jasmine, pyramid bags
Green tea is good for you and the blend with jasmine...Oh wow, so refreshing. I usually have one in the morning and it wakes me up. Price is affordable , good tea !

Pure Leaf Earl Grey Tea Loose Long Leaf
This was terrible. I thought I got a great deal and it was loose leaf! But no, I was horribly wrong. No bergamot flavour which is one main important flavour for earl grey. I drink earl grey every night. It’s my tea of choice and is my fav. It is super strong black tea flavour...

Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla, pyramid bags
I’ve enjoyed a number of products from the pure leaf brand so I thought I would try this flavour combination. I do like black teas in general but this one also had the added hint of vanilla which was a nice twist. I find this brand to provide high-quality products at a...

Pure Leaf Ginger with Orange Blossom pyramid tea bags
Lorsque j'ai aperçu ce produit sur la tablette, je me suis dit, je vais l'essayer. Aimant les tisanes au gingembre, l'addition de la fleur d'oranger ne devrait pas être désagréable. J'ai été tout simplement ébahie. Le goût d'oranger est assez prononcé et le gingembre...

Pure Leaf Black Tea with Berries, pyramid bags
Tres bon thé , si vous etes un amateur de the je vous le recommande parcontre ce nest pas du "rapide" en pochette donc prenez soin de bien le preparer ! Le gout est super , j'en racheterai bientot

Pure Leaf Gunpowder Green Tea Loose Long Leaf
Ok I’m a massive green tea lover. I drink like 6 cups a day! This brand of tea has a very odd bitter flavour, even if I add some sweetener it is still disgusting. I don’t recomend it.

Pure Leaf Pure Matcha tea sachets
I'm a huge fan of matcha tea and lattes, especially iced matcha lattes. This is the best powdered matcha that I have bought that was avaliable in grocery stores around me. It has individual packets that are very convenient and the taste is not as bitter as other brands I've...

Pure Leaf Chai Tea, pyramid bags
While this is a great black tea, the mild flavours masala of what I would consider to be more prominent of this type of tea lacks. I did not boil it on the stovetop which may be why it wasn't so great. However, I almost always kettle boil all my teas as it is much more...

Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint
I received this product for free for review purposes as part of the Product review Club. Thank ChickAdvisor! I drink a lot of tea, but tend to stick to the same few varieties, so it was nice to try something outside of my comfort zone. This blend of green and mint tea was easy...

Pure Leaf Turmeric with Citrus
I was recently sent this tea to try out a few weeks ago. I found the taste to be okay, I would have liked a bit more like citrus to help with the strong flavor of turmic. But the benifits of this tea are so amazing, its anti-inflammatory properties can help with so many aspects...

Pure Leaf Peach Real Brewed Iced Tea
I have such a love for this product I have a stock pile in my garage. I can’t wait for the plain black tea to come in a bag form. The Peach flavour is no natural And definitely a favourite of mine. The brew is on point

Pure leaf raspberry ice tea
Well, this was surprisingly tasteful and refreshing. A little high on the sugar content but still worth that little treat. Crystal light used to make a product years ago that had the same wonderful taste. I had been searching for the same taste for years.

Pure Leaf™ Lemon Real Brewed Tea
This is only brand we ever buy anymore. Pure Leaf carries different flavours that our whole family can choose from, and is great for, school or just on the go. Pure tasting and not too sweet. A family fave.

Pure Leaf Green Tea and Honey Iced Tea
Well there's tons of things I could say about it this product! To start off it's very affordable, and to finish, it's absolutely delicious! Need I say more?