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@OkBoomerkin We’re sorry to hear this! Please send us a DM so we can help. Thanks! https://t.co/m7DFBpRcPi

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@ItsSarah93 Hi Sarah, we’re so sorry to hear about your experience and we’d like to investigate. Can you send us a… https://t.co/8Iba3JV8ND

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@GFWsubwaygrl We're sorry to hear that! Please send us a DM so we can help.

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Tostitos Reviews

Tostitos Scoops Tortilla Chips
We use these at least once a week we love to make taco bites with them something quick and easy after a long days work they are great and make dipping so much easier

Tostitos mild salsa
This salsa is so good. I love to top off my nachos with it, have it with a side of eggs or even to dip my chips in it. It's affordable, delicious and worth the money. I think I've bought several over the month and they are quite easy to find. Definetly reccomend!

Tostitos Bite Size Rounds Tortilla Chips
I choose these chips the most to pair with a salsa or cheese dip. The chips are made bite size, the perfect size for dipping, as I don't like big chips with dip. The taste is pretty good, they have the right amount of salt, not too much or too little.

Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips
I love these chips. They're limey without being overpowering. They're affordable except they're a bit hard to find it Canada. They really hit the spot. I like to have them with guacamole or just by itself. You better believe that when I find them, I buy more than just one...

Tostitos Medium Salsa con Queso
Although I typically like to make my own quest dips and in general prefer healthier snacks, this is one of my secret cravings! It tastes amazing if you warm it up and it’s so ooey gooey and delicious! The only downside would obviously be the nutritional content, and I would...

Tostitos Hint of Roasted Garlic
I absolutely love this flavour of Tostitos. They're garlicky, without being overpowering. Taste great with salsa, as baked nachos, and I've been known just keep eating out of the bag if I run out of dip, they're that good.

Tostitos Multigrain Black Bean & Garlic
We were given bag of Tostitos Multigrain Black Bean & Garlic tortilla chips to try and have been buying these whenever we get the chip munchies now. These chips are fresh, crunchy and have an amazing flavour! We usually use tortillas to eat with dips but with these, you will...

tostitos chunky mild salsa
I always have a jar of Tostitos Salsa in the fridge. It goes well with nachos, tacos, fajitas... the list goes on. During the holidays, I pick up a few extra jars so we can have it with tortillas chips.

sauce tostitos
Assez régulièrement comme tous les fins de semaines on mange des tostitos avec de la salsa. Je fais même des recettes avec cette sauce. Ma préféré est la douce.

Tostitos Artisan Grilled Red Pepper and Tomato Tortilla Chips
I really enjoy the flavour combinations of Tostitos artisan recipes and the combination of grilled red pepper and tomato salsa is delicious!! The only downside I would say is that these are a bit too salty, and I wouldn’t consider these a healthy option, but something to enjoy...

Tostitos Multigrain Tortilla Chips
I love the taste of the whole grain chips and my children don't know that these are a bit healthier for them. The small circles are good for munching and hold up well with dips and as a nacho platter. At regular price they are a bit pricey, so look for sales (that's when I stock...

Tostitos Artisan Roasted Garlic and Black Bean
These chips tasted great with salsa. I liked the unique flavour of the chips. My family were very fond of these and would like me to repurchase these.

Tostitos Hint of Jalapeno
Add a little heat to your next get-together with TOSTITOS® Hint of Jalapeño Flavored Tortilla Chips. They are the Original Restaurant Style tortilla chips you love with just the right amount of jalapeño spice. They are the perfect complement to all your favorite dips and...

tostitos spinach dip
I love this spinach dip. it's great with totios scoops but it's even better with sun chips. I also love dipping zesty doritios. the only chip I don't use is regular it makes it to salty.

TOSTITOS® Chunky Salsa - Medium
I have a weakness for NACHOS!! and my Favorite dio to use with nachos is this one. The flavour is sooo good I always get the medium spicy 🌶 and have chunks of some veggies which add more flavour. I always get this one and I strongly recommended! If you like nachos like me...