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AVIT HV-KB378L RGB Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches Reviews
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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    July 24, 2016

    This is the exact keyboard we have in the den. The lights are cool- and even though it's supposed to be a novelty- I'm still impressed and lovin' it months later. The staying power is good. I say buy this if you are someone who enjoys making their office their own space. When you show people- they enjoy it and want to know where you got it

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    May 14, 2016

    People in the gaming/tech community have been raving about mechanical keyboards for quite a while and I have to admit, I was sceptical. I'd heard they have a more 'tactile' feedback, which I'd always imagined meant that they keys were harder to press. This is my first experience with a mechanical keyboard and I fell completely and totally in love with it! The keys are so smooth and easy to press that there's literally no hitch. They are easily the smoothest keys I've ever used and glide smoothly and quickly back and forth as you tap them.

    I have very undextrous fingers and usually end up with super sore hands when playing video games that require repetitive keyboards presses (I often use a controller for this reason, but some games don't have that ability) and while using this to play a keyboard operated game, I noticed a huge reduction in the pain of my hands. Furthermore, I find my typing speed is going up as I find this keyboard so comfortable and easy to use. It's probably a personal preference, but for me, this keyboard seems absolutely perfect.

    The only downside is that they keys are loud (this is a known thing with mechanical keyboards), but I actually quite like the sound, it's not clunky, but reminds me of typewriter noise, but smoother. It is a worry if you have room-mates or live with someone, then this might not be right for you.

    This keyboard has a huge added bonus visually, because it looks amazing (and frankly, super cool). It has a sturdy metal silver plate with sleek black accents. But where it really beats out my old keyboard is the backlight beneath the keys. You should note that these backlights are FULLY customisable and by following the manual (very easy) step by step you can set the lights however you like. You can have them moving, or static, rainbow or any combination of colors. You can even individually program each key to a color of your liking. It's a level of customisation that's frankly mindblowing.

    I went for a red-yellow rainbow gradient of static color so that the moving lights don't distract my eyes, but the moving patterns on the lights are really, really cool I have to admit. You can also change the brightness as you desire.

    - Beautiful design that looks incredible.
    - Keys are super smooth and feel natural when typing.
    - Great for those with stiff fingers.
    - Backlights are fully customisable for any color/pattern and brightness.

    -Noise of keys provides audible feedback that might not be for everyone and might be problematic in certain living situations.

    After this experience, I don't think I could go back to a regular keyboard, so I'd advise taking a chance on this if you've always been curious about mechanical keyboards.
    Note: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an unbiased, honest review as provided here. As a consumer advocate, I believe in providing quality and honest feedback and receiving a product at a discounted rate will never affect my opinions.

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