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China Glaze Patent Leather Top Coat Reviews
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Patent Leather Top Coat provides high-gloss shine with enhanced protection against chipping. For more information, go to http://www.chinaglaze.com/.

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    July 10, 2011

    I purchased this on a whim when my Seche Vite got too goopy to use (You can read my Seche Vite review on here aswell).
    This is by far the worst top coat I've used. I wasn't expecting a quick dry top coat but I was hoping for shine, a bit of filler to mask some minor color application flaws, and some extra endurance. It apparently pairs well with China Glazes Strong Adhesion Base (which is a base coat I've been using for awhile) so I thought this would be a great top coat to try.

    I applied base coat and two layers of Essie Dive Bar and then I apply the Patent Leather top coat when the 2nd layer of polish was almost dry (it doesn't feel tacky on the back of my hand). The top coat applied as per usual, I applied the top coat thinly and waited it out by watching tv. This is where it started going downhill, I did the back of the hand test after about 5 min. and it was still tacky so I waited. At the 20min mark post top coat application it was -still- tacky on the back of my hand! I was like holy crap this is taking so long but I thought I was just too spoiled by seche vite so I waited it out. So 40min mark my show is just about finished and my nails don't feel tacky on the back of hand anymore but they're a bit tacky on my fingertips so I do a tentative nail on nail test, definitely not a pass. So I wait it out some more and after about an hour I figured that it had been long enough and I had a dinner with friends so I left. When I came home my nails were totally ruined, the tips were all mushed about and most of my nails had dings and dents. Of the nails that didn't suffer much damage the top coat dried with bubbles which was weird because they looked fine during the hour I was waiting for them to dry.
    I'm so happy the store let me return it because it truly was a bad experience. I didn't apply my two coats of color thickly and I find two coats dry rather quickly even without a top coat so I was probably better off without. It did leave a nice glossy finish but it bubbled at bit when it dried (eventhough I didn't shake the bottle) so it ruined the glossy finish. Also I felt like it prolonged the dry time of my nails quite significantly.

    So on top of an hour plus dry time the glossy finish it promised was ruined by the fact that it bubbles as it dries out. I can't attest to the wear time because I removed my polish that night since they were ruined. Definitely do not buy this top coat. I find Seche Vite frequently at Winners for $7.99, I've also heard great things about some Sally Hansen top coats.

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