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    January 06, 2012

    As I was listening to David Bach's book on disc Debt-Free for Life I realized, I'm not in debt, not that I can't get out of anyways.  There have been some good and bad things I have learned by listening to David's book.  First off, it's geared to Americans so if you are Canadian and want to listen to this the basic information will be fine, but all in all it has American terms etc that we just don't have north of the border.  I really did enjoy listening to the book, I was captivated by his thoughts and ideas, and they are good thoughts and ideas.  The story about the credit card in the microwave proves how desperate people can be to spend money that just isn't theirs.  I truly found it to be quite entertaining.  I knew most of what he was talking about already, and just like every other "get out of debt" book I found myself thinking "you're telling me everything I already know, that's great but how do I get their from here"  It's not enough just to pay off your debt, but he teaches us what to pay off first.  He has a fantastic program to help you figure out what to do, when to start (NOW) and what steps are key to completing your goal of financial freedom.  I personally LOVED listening to this audio book and I will be purchasing David's other books as well.  If you are drowning in debt David might just be the life preserver you're looking for.  I would recommend it for anyone in debt.

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