dermaglow Nuvectin Advanced Cellulite Therapy Reviews


Optimal slimming effect for thighs, buttocks, stomach and lower back.Clinically ProvenResults up to:4.4 cm measured reduction in thigh circumference1 90% of participants experienced a reduction in dimpled skin in as little as 4 weeks296% of participants experienced an improvement in skin’s smoothness293% of participants experienced an improvement in skin’s firmness2 1. Combined thigh circumference measurement after application of the product 3 times daily for a period of 4 weeks measured by clinical personnel on 40 females in a clinical study under medical control. The Average combined reduction was 1.1 cm.2. Use study carried on 42 subjects (female, 25-60 years) after an application 3 times daily during a 4 week self evaluation under medical control.DIRECTIONS: Apply dermaglowAdvanced Cellulite Therapy 2 to 3 times daily. Massage over entire thigh area, buttocks, stomach and lower back for optimal slimming effect. Individual results may vary.

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