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    September 27, 2023

    The Elfin Fountain Redefines Pet Hydration

    Proper hydration is critical for a pet’s overall well-being, supporting kidney function, aiding in digestion and promoting healthy skin. Drawing from inspiration in nature, the Elfin Fountain delivers a pristine, safe drinking experience for pets, emulating the refreshing flow of a clear mountain stream, taking advantage of key features in the revolutionary, easy-to-clean NatureFlow Hydration System.

    NatureFlow Hydration System

    The NatureFlow Hydration System incorporated in the Elfin Fountain redefines pet hydration through its proprietary MagDriveTM technology. The MagDriveTM System offers a groundbreaking pumping mechanism that completely separates electricity from the Elfin smart base and water tank. This innovation provides one’s precious family pets with a unique static-free, fresh drinking experience, all while eliminating unpleasant tastes and stagnant water flow.

    Revolutionary Pumpless Fountain

    Pumping water without a pump introduces a new standard to the pet fountain industry. Removing the pump from the water takes out problematic submerged wiring in initial models and pesky, blind spot cleaning issues found in wireless pumps previously placed inside the water well. The wireless detachable body and smart base with extra quiet operation of the Elfin Fountain create both functional and aesthetically pleasing experience for pet and pet owner. A convenient water level indicator lets owners know when to refill.

    Whisker Friendly Spacious Water Tray and Versatile Water Modes

    The attractive Petunia design of the Elfin Fountain incorporates a multi-angle water outlet with changeable water modes for quenching a pet’s thirst and preventing unhealthy dehydration. As an interactive water outlet system, owners can select between a timer or intelligent mode which uses an passive infared (PIR) sensor to send the signal for water to begin pouring through the Morning Glory shaped fountain head when the pet approaches the bowl. Whether the family pets enjoy a gentle trickle or a more vigorous stream, the spacious water tray allows plenty of room for multiple pets to enjoy.

    Easy Maintenance

    Every component visible in the NatureFlow Hydration System can be easily cleaned, removed, replaced as needed with a new kit, providing a streamlined, clean set-up. The MagDriveTM simplified disassembly process comes from a new generation of magnetic drive systems that erases cleaning woes from the minds of hesitant pet owners. Wireless functionality offers convenient locational versatility with the need to charge only once a month. No need to worry about running out of water when away or during a power outage.


    The Elfin Fountain Cat Water Bowl will be launched on Kickstarter at the end of September 2023. The first round of bowls reserved on Kickstarter will start shipping November 2023. Initial launch package will include: Elfin Fountain, care kit, replacement filters (4), and guaranteed returns for any reason.

    For more information, visit elfinfountain.com

    Updated On: September 27, 2023

    A great product.... Great Price

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