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Household Essentials Reviews

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Cottonelle Ultra Bathroom Tissue

533 reviews

I've tried to use this brand several times as they do go on sale, but I end up using more because it rips so easily. It is thick and is soft, but it rips so easily that it's not worth it. The squares are also a bit smaller than other brands (more narrow).
Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

200 reviews

I like the Charmin toilet paper brand very much, especially the Ultra Soft Toilet Paper line. This is the softest toilet paper I have ever used!!! This brand only needs to be used once and you will never want to switch back to other brands anymore, guaranteed.
Kirkland Bathroom Tissue

124 reviews

Kirkland bathroom tissue is so soft not like other cheap Brands I have used it comes in bulk so it last long time for a very good price I would buy again
Royale Velour Toilet Paper

106 reviews

This is the best. It lasts a long time in my house. It doesn't break or tear and it's soft enough to use on your face. 100 percent recommend this to anyone who asks
Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels

65 reviews

I prefer bounty to other brands but I do use price match when purchasing this item. With so many other paper towel brands in the market at a lower cost Its hard to convince friends to try bounty. Price match is a live saver with the product
Contigo Coffee To Go Cups

51 reviews

These mugs are perfect, great colors amazing lock no drip or spill technology. keep drinks hot for 4 hours + Contigo AUTOSEAL Spill-Proof Stainless Steel VacuumTravel Mug 14oz with Easy-Clean Lid
Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

70 reviews

Definitely the best toilet paper to buy if you like soft and strong tissue. This is my families preferred brand, I get many complaints when I purchase a different one
Cashmere Double Roll Bathroom Tissue

60 reviews

Nah qu’est ce qu’on veut pas d’un papier de toilette c’est qu’il reste des petit motons, bin c en plein ça que ça fait le cashmere. J’ai essayé plusieurs sorte de cashmere mais celle là jpense que c’est la pire. Je ne recommend pas ce produit
Scotties Multi 2-Ply Facial Tissue

48 reviews

Je le recommande à tous le monde,qualité assurée,ça fait des années que nous achetons et toujours aimé+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Royale Signature Facial Tissue 3 Ply

43 reviews

The 3 ply Royale facial tissues are incredibly soft on your face! I have the worst allergies this year, and I go through about a box a week! I have them all over my house for ease, and they are the softest and easiest on your sensitive skin! Especially if you’re blowing your...
Glad Large Tie 'n Toss Garbage Bags

42 reviews

They are very tough I have yet to have it tear or rip no matter how full or heavy that weeks garbage is. It is also great for carrying also due to the thickness. It makes it feel less constrictive when u are lifting it.
Bath & Body Work Black Cherry Merlot Soap

35 reviews

This scent pretty much smells good in anything has like the cherry coke smell. A scent I would always use and not over powering one I would definitely recommend.
Vileda Easy Wring

22 reviews

I really love using this mop and pail. No more bending down, ringing out with my hands or messy water spills. This is such as easy and effective tool for cleaning floors
Glad Odour Guard Febreze Freshness Bags

36 reviews

I love these for the bathroom! Bathrooms are a place that can get a tad stinky lol, and The fresh smell of the febreeze garbage bags are amazing at limiting odors.
Dollar Store Bag Clips

32 reviews

They work good for what they are supposed to be for but make sure the material to be clipped is pretty thin. They won't pop open (that I've seen) but can be tough to close, especially for kids.
Kleenex Brand Tissue - Ultra Soft

2 reviews

Kleenex's soft tissues are the best when you're sick. Whenever I have the sniffles I buy these so my nose doesn't get all red. It really makes the difference!
Glad White Garbage Bags - Tall - 45 Litres - ForceFlex - Scented

1 review

Standard garbage bags. They are tall/long and that means they are ideal for the tall square (or round) shape of kitchen bin. They fit perfectly in mine without any extra length to fold over. I prefer the 'red handle' type of bags like this, because it's easy to tie them and then...
arm and hammer kitty litter

8 reviews

I have 3 cats. I have tried several different types of litter,but Arm and Hammer multicat out ranks them all. Keeps odors to a minimum, not too much perfume,dustless when changing. Great at clumping which makes for easy cleaning.
Alieve Extra Strength

1 review

This is the pill I use when I get bad headaches. It lasts longer and proves to me how quick a headache can go away. I bring them on vacation, keep in my purse. Good for cramps, fevers and when you get the flu too.
Puffs Plus Lotion

20 reviews

I have no idea why, but my family and I go through these puffs like crazy! They are so soothing when we have colds or have to constantly wipe our noses. It doesnt irritate your nose as much as other facial tissue while using. Weve tried other brands and nothing works as good as...