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Household Essentials Reviews

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Cottonelle Ultra Bathroom Tissue

545 reviews

Cottonelle is the one and only brand I will purchase. It really gets the job done with less at that. I can purchase a big $20 pack and it lasts all month compared to other brands where I'd have to buy more multiple times in a month. Cottonelle is definitely #1 in my books.
Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

217 reviews

this is really good toilet roll it is so soft compared with alot of the toilet rolld now. it flushes well and lasts a while its ice and thick unlike the cheaper toilet rolls i would highly recommend
Kirkland Bathroom Tissue

141 reviews

I didn't mind this bathroom tissue. Not the greatest quality. It does have more sheets/rolls than normal so it lasts longer. great value for your money
Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels

112 reviews

Love these paper towels. They are heavy duty and they clean up messes really well. You can cut them at any size you want so that they don't go to waste. They are affordable and do a great job at cleaning up!! Highly recommend!
Royale Velour Bathroom Tissue

114 reviews

I thought toilet paper was toilet paper. Boy, was I wrong! I picked this up on a good sale and immediately thought something wasn't right. I thought I was being extra sensitive, but this stuff is rough and scratchy on the bottom...it's like wiping with paper towels. Plus it...
Cashmere Double Roll Bathroom Tissue

67 reviews

The softest tissues for you and your loved ones. It's worth the hefty price you pay. Cashmere is our go to tissue. Can't see why we'd ever switch!.. Well, unless someone makes the equivilent for cheaper! :P
Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

73 reviews

Remember Mr. Whipple from the commercial "Don't Squeeze the Charmin. Well in my household this is the only toilet paper my family will use from ultra strong, ultra soft, waffle 2 and 3 ply the rear wants what the rear end wants.
Royale Signature Facial Tissue 3 Ply

47 reviews

These are the only tissues I ever buy or use. Able to buy them on sale regularly so great value for the product. They are soft, don’t irritate your nose when you have a cold and hold up when necessary
Vileda Easy Wring

32 reviews

Last night I picked up this mop from Costco. As soon as I got all my open to right away. It was super easy to install all the pieces together. It did an amazing job on the floors and I didn’t have to touch the dirty mop ever with my hands. I love that you can spin it using...
Glad Large Tie 'n Toss Garbage Bags

44 reviews

These are tough and strong trash bags that are easy to grab and toss. I never have to worry about a ripped bag or spills. I love the red tie handles which makes for easy tying and gathering. These are the strongest bags I have found and they work great for keeping strong odors...
Ziploc Flexible Totes

1 review

Purchased this to put hand made wreaths in it. It is perfect. Keeps them protected as I store this in the basement. Heavy duty product and lots of space.
Smoke buddy

1 review

Le smoke buddy est un objet pour les consommateurs et fumeurs de cannabis! Après avoir inspiré la fumée, il faut juste l’expirer dans le smoke buddy pour qu’aucune fumée ou odeurs apparaissent
super soft moist tissue

1 review

Sainsburys so soft moist tissues are fabulous stronger and thicker than the leading brands and cheaper to boot make you feel extra clean after using the toilet and if you are sensitive to perfumes then grab the purple pack which is a sensitive formula
Lysol to go antibacterial

1 review

This is definitely must have to your bag! Especially if you dont have any hand sanitizer this lysol to go is one of the handy things to go for as it can fit to your pocket or bag. I love it!
iPhone 12 Pro

1 review

It works great and has enough storage for everything I need it to hold like pictures, documents, and a few essential apps. The cameras on it are amazing! I would recommend this phone to a friend but I wouldn't re-purchase it since they come out with new ones every year.
Honeywell turbo force power heater and fan

1 review

I didnt want anything to big, but wanted powerful and this is just that! Heats up smaller rooms quite well and fast, and the fan circulates nicely for something that doesnt move. My favourite feature would be the auto turnoff when its picked up, bumped, moved etc. Its quite...
oral b glide pro-health comfort plus mint floss

3 reviews

I was always the recipient of lectures about flossing until I tried the Oral B Glide line. Having close set, tight contact between my teeth meant other floss would get stuck and shred horribly, and the bloody raw mess it made of my mouth was something else. This floss on the...
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender Hand Soap

1 review

This is the only hand soap I buy. It doesn’t dry out your hands. The smell is nice and clean, not too overpowering. I appreciate that it doesn’t dry out your hands. As a teacher I wash my hands frequently with winter being especially hard on the skin on my hands.
Glad Febreze Scented Tall White Garbage Bags

12 reviews

Not a fan of this product, initially thought febreze garbage bags were a great idea, but the smell mixed with everyday garbage is horrible! Great quality bag, horrible smell!
Scotch Outdoor Mounting Tape

1 review

I didn't want to spend this much money on tape, but I needed a strong double sided tape, that could withstand outdoor temperatures and moisture. I used it to install bug screen on our door frames. This stuff is amazing, been up all summer so far and hasn't let go yet! It's super...