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Household Essentials Reviews

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Cottonelle Ultra Bathroom Tissue

547 reviews

Cottonelle is a trusted brand that I've been using for years. The quality of it is amazing. This tissue is soft and lasts longer than other brands. Cottonelle is very affordable
Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

217 reviews

this is really good toilet roll it is so soft compared with alot of the toilet rolld now. it flushes well and lasts a while its ice and thick unlike the cheaper toilet rolls i would highly recommend
Kirkland Bathroom Tissue

152 reviews

The big size, and the quality is awesome! i live an hour and a half from the nearest costco but this is the only toilet paper i’ve bought it years! very soft
Royale Velour Bathroom Tissue

115 reviews

This roll was bigger than my double roll of another brand. It was very soft and stronger but it didnt last as long. Although the label said it was equivalent to to three rolls the number of sheets was less than my double roll.i wasnt going to use just one square. I was...
Cashmere Double Roll Bathroom Tissue

67 reviews

The softest tissues for you and your loved ones. It's worth the hefty price you pay. Cashmere is our go to tissue. Can't see why we'd ever switch!.. Well, unless someone makes the equivilent for cheaper! :P
Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

73 reviews

Remember Mr. Whipple from the commercial "Don't Squeeze the Charmin. Well in my household this is the only toilet paper my family will use from ultra strong, ultra soft, waffle 2 and 3 ply the rear wants what the rear end wants.
Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap Oat Blossom

12 reviews

I did not receive this particular scent. The one I did receive though was very nice. Made my hands very soft. It’s nice hand soap but it is just soap.
Royale Signature Facial Tissue 3 Ply

48 reviews

This is my preferred brand, always use 3-ply as it is durable, adsorbent and so soft. They regularly go on sale which is appreciated but I would still buy this brand if they didn't. Good size tissues and the different designs on the boxes are an added bonus. Highly recommend.

10 reviews

I loved using this soap!!! I have it in my bathroom and everyone who uses it loves it as it is moisturizing and smells amazing!!! I will be purchasing this product in the future.
Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap Plum Berry

13 reviews

I was really excited to try a Mrs Meyer's handsoap, but I was definitely disappointed. The scent was really nice, if a bit strong. It definitely lingers on my hands after I wash them which was kind of nice. But the soap is so drying. I've had to use moisturizer far more often...
Glad Large Tie 'n Toss Garbage Bags

44 reviews

These are tough and strong trash bags that are easy to grab and toss. I never have to worry about a ripped bag or spills. I love the red tie handles which makes for easy tying and gathering. These are the strongest bags I have found and they work great for keeping strong odors...
Dawn Ultra Platinum Powerwash dishsoap

4 reviews

J'ai racheté le produit. Il nettoie super bien, pas besoin de frotter. Tu appliques, laisse reposer quelques temps et tu essuie, tout simplement ! Je l'ai conseillé à des amis et je m'en suis procuré un paquet multiple. À acheter sans hésitation !
everlasting comfort ultrasonic humidifier

2 reviews

My home, my happy place 🌱 We’ve been all spending more time at home in the last year, for some it was a HUGE change, for us, thankfully, it didn’t had such a big impact as we’ve been working from home for quite a few years now, and I only can see benefits from that...
Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Candle

1 review

This is a 600g Deluxe candle mixing an exotic blend of delicate scents and fragrances to enhance the atmosphere .Beautifully aromatic spices, oils and essences intermingle as the candle burns to produce an evocative aroma that you can't help but fall in love with. Love love love
iPhone 12 Pro

4 reviews

After being a long time user of Android i made the switch to the new Iphone 12 Pro. Phone is great looking, i got the white back version. Easy to set up when following prompts. Best feature is the camera, takes awesome pictures. Battery life is so so.. but the phone performance...
Oxo Good Grips Strong Hold Suction Grip Bar for Tub or Showers

1 review

As I get older I find I need a bit more help like in the shower. I found I was concerned about my physical safety in the shower so I invested in OXO Good Grips Strong Hold Suction Grip Bar for Bath and Shower, White From Amazon. I absolutely love these grip bars. If I feel a...
Gorilla bath mat

1 review

Through the years like most, I have bought and replaced my tub mat. Seldom have I found one that stayed in place and that was comfortable. I found the Gorilla Bathtub Mat on Amazon. I was not very hopeful but I found the best bathtub mat ever. It is such a relief to know I...

1 review

I have had this fan by Intertek for some time now, and it has done me very good the entire time that I have had it. The screen comes off on the front so you can easily clean in and it allowed me to paint the blades in a rainbow pretty color. It is a little loud but it's worth it...
Dove nettoyant doux pour les mains

1 review

Un savon crème très doux pour les mains.Il sent bon et hydrate très bien.Le flacon pompe permet une utilisation facile et sans dégât .Un bon produit à un prix abordable.
BiOSS Instant Hand Sanitizer

1 review

This BiOSS antiseptic skin cleanser was great value compared to some other brands, and yet it absorbed well into the hands and didn't leave any unwanted residue or stickiness. The scent is very strong once applied, but it is a pleasant lemon smell. It contains 75% ethyl alcohol...