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Free Yourself From The Diet Language Reviews
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    December 02, 2015

    Ayelet Kalter, a former dietician, asks the questions many may not ask in Free Yourself From the Diet Language.

    Is obesity a disease, and weight loss is the solution?

    That is the common belief. Yet, studies have since refuted this assumption, and from her experience she has learned that it is far from reality, but even so, this is still the given opinion among the masses.

    The pursuit of thinness, the diet that accompanies it, and the failure therein has created a
    language (for lack of a better term). A language of eating - the Diet Language

    She brings us back to Mindful Eating. Same and normal eating vs crash diets, and the diverse eating habits of people in general.

    She takes us on her journey from being part of the diet institution business to helping people eat for their bodies.

    She does indicate that every person has a set point which is their destined weight, and that genetics is a huge component in the tendency for obesity - and dieting in itself intensifies this tendency.

    She states that 95% of people who go on a diet fail and regain the weight (if not more) within 5 years.

    In this book, We learn about how many live life yearning for what will be, not living in the now - this is part of the problem. And it's a powerful statement not only for weight issues, but for life in general. If we always live in the past or future, what is happening to our present?

    I do find the first portion of this book, however, quite sad and very statistical, making me feel defensive about what I want to achieve in my fitness and health.

    She does, however, goes on to describe how weight is neither a measure of health, nor a measure of success or failure...and happiness has no weight. This in itself makes this book not just about weight, but about changing our way of thinking, about being happy, and thinking positively.

    We learn about Mindful thinking - not just thinking emotionally, but using all of our senses to be fully present in the here and now. This practice allows us to learn acceptance, being in the now, observing self, and the ability to let go.

    There are several exercises in the book in order to practice mindful thinking (meditation), which she encourages us to do 15 minutes a day.

    With respect to eating, we are introduced to Mindful Eating - focusing on the taste, texture, and source of the food served. Enjoying food instead of just eating to eat whether or not we are hungry.

    Overall, it is not a light-hearted how-to book, but a philosophical view on society, behaviour, and bringing more mindfulness into our lives. If you are ready to take the steps to live in the now, not in the "what ifs," I'd recommend this book for you. It's available in paperback or Amazon download!

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