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    February 20, 2014

    Not nessicary for your regular family dinner but if you are cooking for a large group and have to cook certain meets differently then I think these would be great

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    December 18, 2010

    So - this one - my husband was excited about. You say the word "grill" and it does not matter in what context it is in, he steps up the plate (literally). He has been talking for hours about the Sunday Smorgasboard we are grilling to test this grill charm out.....we got chicken, we got beef, we got burgers.....bring it on grill charm!

    Leslie, at Charmed Life Products, was nice enough to send me one of her "lightbulb" moment grill charms. You know, that idea we all have but don't do anything about. Well, Leslie did something about it and created a little product similar to wine charms to help differentiate meat at a party or dinner. So - you are grillin' and everyone is shouting "I Like mine RARE" "I like mine well done" - that is what this dohicky does. It looks like a pushpin for a bulletin board, sort of, and it helps you tell apart (and grill things right) the different meats, burgers, whatever - so everyone is happy. Plus they make one in a shoe - perfect for my logo :)

    So - here is what I found. Okay - so my husband basically took over this part....here is what HE found.....
    First of all he did not read the instructions the first time. He put the charm in AFTER it was cooked (he said he could remember - easy tough guy, that defeats the purpose). But he did figure out they stay in well if you put them in the raw meat....it kinda cooks it in a bit to hold. Overall, they are a good, easy way to differentiate meats. I would recommend writing down which one is which though (i.e. the hat charm is the medium rare....) for those of us who multi task or for a larger party. Also, we made some thick smaller burgers for the kids and the charms work better on thicker cuts.

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