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Febreze Car Vent Clips Freshener in Linen & Sky

3464 reviews

It holds super easily in the car vent and adaptable. It Smells fresh for a long time. I just didn't enjoy the scent.the sent is really powerful so if you’re looking for something delicat, thats not it.

324 reviews

Since I first got Netflix the price has almost doubled, yet the content is inconsistent. I really only keep it to have background noise. I swear they got rid of all my favorite shows now.
BIC Disposable Lighters

114 reviews

I always buy the packs of them so I have multiple on hand. There's nothing worse than needing a lighter and not having one, but your kids are asleep!!
Sharpie Permanent Marker

119 reviews

Que se soit pour ecrire sur une feuille ou bien sur un vêtement Sharpie est la marque sur qui l on peut se fier Mais, comme la publicité le dit :  SHARPIE C EST PERMANENT
Pinterest App

61 reviews

Pinterest est l endroit pour visiter des sites internet sans vraiment avoir acces C est peut etre parce que je n y comprend rien et que j aurais besoin d expication, mais c est pas évident
Cards Against Humanity

46 reviews

This game is truly an amazing fun game for horrible people. You must have a dark sense of humour to like playing it and not get offended. If you can do that, it’s a great game!
Fancy Feast Petites Grilled Chicken entree with rice

6 reviews

My 2 cats are a bit peaky eaters but they both loved it. Can't wait to try the other kinds as well. Love that it is portioned already makes it so fast to get ready.
Resolve Gold Oxi-Action laundry powder

25 reviews

Toujours efficace et ne m’a jamais déçu quand je l’utilise pour enlever les différents taches sur les vêtements. En plus de ça il n’est pas cher et disponible.
Under Armour Clothing

40 reviews

J’adore cette marque de vêtement sport , la soutenue dés soutien est incroyable, et on respire très bien dans leur tissu ! Après avoir essayer d’autre linge de sport il reste un de mes préféré
Nike Brand

38 reviews

If you’re into heart-pumping, high sweat workouts like HIIT or dance cardio, you’re going to want the comfy shoes like this because they’re made from the brand’s quality material for athletic performance.
Guess Who Board Game

37 reviews

This was one of my favourite games as a child and is very nostalgic for me. My family enjoys playing this game now and it teaches kids good memory skills and how to give good descriptions.

1 review

I Used StylePhotos for an ecommerce shoot for my website. The team at Style Photos has been wonderful to help me launch my products. The expertise and quality were Excellent. I highly recommended StylePhotos from my experience.
Frickin cricket

1 review

Works exactly as intended. Perfect volume for it to be realistic. I've seen others say it sounds like a bird. Which certainly may be true for someone who's never seen a bird or a cricket before. Has 3m tape on the back for more hiding opportunities. I'm thinking like...
Shoppers optimum card

30 reviews

I like the optimum card as it allows you to get points while shopping, but it takes forever to get to redeem your points as you need thousands on thousands to even receive 10$ off.
ArtResin Mold Making Material

1 review

Having used and enjoyed ArtResin's Resin (out of my own pocket!), I was excited to see this Mold Making Material. I had previously looked into making molds and found it wasn't in my budget, so having the chance to try was exciting. The mold-making stuff is fantastic, simple to...
Secrets Of Tea

1 review

After reading positive reviews I went ahead and bought. I found It is very helpful for pregnant mom and Baby. I highly recommended Secrets Of Tea Babies Magic Tea during pregnancy..
Costco Wholesale

34 reviews

Joined Costco a few months ago. Paid the £39 fee, was a bit skepical about paying the fee but so glad we did, Been in a few times, very good value bought some items in bulk for very cheap. Also used the online facility which I highly rate, was so much cheaper than anywhere...
Zig-Zag ultra thin slow burning rolling papers

1 review

I absolutely would recommend these slow burning rice cigarette rolling papers. Their very thing and they burn nice and evenly. Highly suggested by most of my “fellow smokers”. These papers aren’t thick and heavy burning they even go out when you don’t puff which is good...
Hemper box

1 review

Hemper is a website for smoking accessories, I ordered a ninja dab rig, it is super well made and comes with a ninja sword dab tool, its so cute. Subscription only cost 39.99 a month and you have the option of recurring or non recurring.
USA Wholesale Supplier

1 review

I'm giving this Supplier 5 stars because they are proven suppliers and they are very useful to my business. Their product is very comfortable and quality Protection! I would use them again.