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Febreze Car Vent Clips Freshener in Linen & Sky

2660 reviews

Refreeze car clips smell fantastic. They make the whole car smell good for a brief amount of time. When they are working they smell good but then the smell is gone.

302 reviews

I love Netflix for my few favourite shows but that is the only reason for me to come back! with the increase in monthly pricing, they should be updating and adding more content but they seem to really slack on that end!
Sharpie Permanent Marker

116 reviews

Is it just me or does it seem like these never run out? They are always fresh and work well! I have always used this brand because of their awesome quality. Also, they stay on any surface and the brush doesn't start deteriorating right away like it happens with other brands...
BIC Disposable Lighters

105 reviews

Been a family product in my childhood home and now in mine. So you can say been using all my life, lol. I usually buy the 4 pkg, or larger. Have 1 in every coat, in every purse, first aid, tackle box. I alway have 1 on hand. Hands down best lighter on the market.
Pinterest App

59 reviews

There is so much to diy, to make, to bake, to cook. You can see diy costumes for kids and yourself, jacked up trucks, fluffy kitties, cute puppies. And soooo much more! The entertainment is limitless, my husband complains that I spend too much time pinning and making stuff...
Cards Against Humanity

45 reviews

I never laughed so much in my life! These cards are NOT kid friendly as they are rude, sexually crude, twisted and down right hilarious! Excellent for bachelor's or bachelorette parties. Just keep the snowflakes and easily offended away!!
Resolve Gold Oxi-Action laundry powder

23 reviews

I love this product. I have applied this powder to old stains that laundry detergent and stain removers couldn't remove and this worked. It works great at removing grease stains.
Under Armour Clothing

37 reviews

Purchased my son a pair of track pants as he had been asking for under armour clothing for awhile. The pant quality themselves seems to be good; have no issues with the fabric however disappointed the logo was heat transferred and started to come off with the first wash.
Nike Brand

35 reviews

Love this brand. Their flip flops are amazing I have purchased multiple pairs and wear them year round, no matter the weather. They are so comfortable with the memory foam on the inside.
Shoppers optimum card

28 reviews

Love the Optimum Card especially with the addition of the PC points system, I save my points for Christmas gifts and for stuff I wouldn't ordinarily buy such as luxurious perfumes .
Guess Who Board Game

34 reviews

I like this game, and used to love playing it as a kid. It is great for memory, and for describing too. Helps children learn. It is a good price. I also like that you can print out new pictures and put them in the slots to change the game up a bit.
Costco Wholesale

33 reviews

We do not have a Costco in our town. We have to drive 4 hours for the closest one. Me and my mom just bought one membership and split in between us. Because it s 50.00. And if you do not save at least that. Than it's not worth it. Some items are not a deal. They may be bigger...
Toys R Us Store

34 reviews

good store for kids shopping,lots of variety for toys,affordable prices for most of the items,clothing is good too, will recommend parents a must visit
DAVIDs tea disposable mesh tea bags

29 reviews

These are amazing. I actually like using these better than the infusers as I find sometimes the leaves make their way through. After drinking a cup of tea there is no junk in the bottom which I hate. Super easy to use, even my children has no issue using them. Definitely a...
Rocketbook Everlast Fusion

1 review

I thought these were AMAZING. I was hyped about the idea, reusable notebooks is a green initiative that I hadn’t even heard of before and though the execution was good too. My only minor complaint would be that they don’t come with any kind of simple guide to help you...
AICase Metal Tablet/Phone Stand

2 reviews

i did have a stand befor not like this one but mine broke it was plastic but not as sturdy as this one i see would love to get this one thanks 😊 and it would be geart to just here music well its what's the temperature in Burley on something like this
Smartwool socks

1 review

They keep my feet super warm and wool is antimicrobial so they don’t get stinky! Comfortable and come in so many pretty colours and patterns. I have lots of pairs! Makes a great gift too.
Sharpie Accent Highlighter

20 reviews

Are they your favourites, who doesn’t love them, good price, lovely colours, last forever, good quality, what else? Ok I’m in love. Accompanied me for so many study years, they don’t sell it in my country of origine, I got them as a gift when I was 11yrs old. I stay loyal...
anker Powercore 20000

1 review

I bought the powercore from a major retailer at an airport on sale about a year ago. The 20000 model was $20 more than the lesser models, so I went for it at $70 (on sale). They've since come down in price. I've never regretted the decision. I can charge my cell phone (Note...
British Airlines

1 review

I have taken several international flights on British Airways and have been impressed each time I have flown with this airline. First, I find that the flight attendants, boarding staff, and pilots are all friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They work very hard to make sure...