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Febreze Car Vent Clips Freshener in Linen & Sky

2418 reviews

Febreeze never seems to let me down with all their products and this is no different. I put one in my truck and one in my husbands car over 30 days ago and they are still working. The fresh linen scent is so refreshing and eliminates all the Odours from my kids sporting...

280 reviews

Nous écoutons Netflix en famille. Plusieurs programmes, films et séries qui répondent aux besoins et aux goûts de tous (il y en a même beaucoup pour notre fille de deux ans). Netflix fait maintenant partie de Nos soirées à la maison.
Sharpie Permanent Marker

115 reviews

Sharpie Permanent Markers are long-lasting markers. I have bought these markers for years, every time I have bought a pack they last a long time with optimal use. These are highly reliable on using as we use them even at my work because we know they will last us a good amount of...
BIC Disposable Lighters

104 reviews

I have been through about 40 Bic lighters and I had no problems with any of them. Extremely safe and good value, it lights well over two hundred times. The lighters come in many different designs.
Pinterest App

58 reviews

Easy and useful app, lot of ideas, inspiration and creativity. Good dyi crafts, cooking, beauty cleaning hacks. App is easy accessibility and good interface. Recommended for easy usage.
Cards Against Humanity

44 reviews

We recently purchased Cards Against Humanity for a get together that we were having at our house. It was definitely a hit! You will want to play this with adults-only as there are some adult-themed topics, but oh-my it was a really fun game for our group. We will be playing it...
Under Armour Clothing

37 reviews

Purchased my son a pair of track pants as he had been asking for under armour clothing for awhile. The pant quality themselves seems to be good; have no issues with the fabric however disappointed the logo was heat transferred and started to come off with the first wash.
Resolve Gold Oxi-Action laundry powder

21 reviews

This stuff is absolutely amazing! I have 3 kids so i'm constantly on stain removal duty. I just soak the clothes in resolve then chuck it in the wash and the stain is gone!
Nike Brand

35 reviews

Love this brand. Their flip flops are amazing I have purchased multiple pairs and wear them year round, no matter the weather. They are so comfortable with the memory foam on the inside.
Shoppers optimum card

28 reviews

Love the Optimum Card especially with the addition of the PC points system, I save my points for Christmas gifts and for stuff I wouldn't ordinarily buy such as luxurious perfumes .
Guess Who Board Game

34 reviews

I like this game, and used to love playing it as a kid. It is great for memory, and for describing too. Helps children learn. It is a good price. I also like that you can print out new pictures and put them in the slots to change the game up a bit.
Toys R Us Store

34 reviews

good store for kids shopping,lots of variety for toys,affordable prices for most of the items,clothing is good too, will recommend parents a must visit
Costco Wholesale

31 reviews

I have a love/hate relationship with costco .. i really love it for the basics like detergents,eggs,nuts,.. but whenever I go there we end up spending a looot of money. I like the fact that we can use it for the fuel to the car too!
DAVIDs tea disposable mesh tea bags

29 reviews

These are amazing. I actually like using these better than the infusers as I find sometimes the leaves make their way through. After drinking a cup of tea there is no junk in the bottom which I hate. Super easy to use, even my children has no issue using them. Definitely a...
Sharpie Accent Highlighter

20 reviews

Are they your favourites, who doesn’t love them, good price, lovely colours, last forever, good quality, what else? Ok I’m in love. Accompanied me for so many study years, they don’t sell it in my country of origine, I got them as a gift when I was 11yrs old. I stay loyal...
Nerf N-Strike Elite Rukkus ICS-8

2 reviews

This is great my son just loves it and its so durable the aim is outstanding and will shoot very far would recomend for 6 and up but hours of fun as long as you find all your darts

26 reviews

Skype a su se démarquer de ses concurrents au fils des années, je l’utilise plusieurs fois par semaine, les appels sont aisés, clairs et sans friture quoi demander de mieux?!
Lavinrose Reusable Produce Bags

1 review

These are brilliant. To be honest, plastic bags for fruit and veg wasn't really something I thought about, but it's right up there in the 'single-use' plastic category. This is solving a big problem. Most fruits and veg have skin and you wash them when using/eating them, so you...
Star Wars Rogue One 12 Inch Imperial Stormtrooper

1 review

It's a cheap (we bought it at $15), simple figure without much colour or details, true to the look of an Imperial Stormtrooper. It comes with one gun and is not fully posable. He also has a tendency to overbalance in certain poses, but this is true of all the cheaper figures...
Nerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint

1 review

Having recently tried a few AR style games/toys, I can without hesitation say that this is what AR should be. Nerf has hit it out of the park with this one and given the lower price, I'd be happy to purchase this again! If you want to access the multiplayer capability, you must...