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Febreze Car Vent Clips Freshener in Linen & Sky

2842 reviews

These vent clips are over priced and short lasting. The package states 30 days but you will be lucky to get 2 weeks out of them. And they are not cheap, so be prepared to pay a lot for these sad little vent clips.

313 reviews

Netflix is amazing and has a great value! so many movies. 100% worth every penny!! Netflix has something for everyone in the family. Great I will buy this every month.
Sharpie Permanent Marker

116 reviews

Is it just me or does it seem like these never run out? They are always fresh and work well! I have always used this brand because of their awesome quality. Also, they stay on any surface and the brush doesn't start deteriorating right away like it happens with other brands...
BIC Disposable Lighters

108 reviews

These have been my go-to lighters for years and years (ahem, like 30 of them, lol). I’ve tried and tested many others along the way and Bics always remain to be the most durable and reliable ones. You can’t go wrong with these.
Pinterest App

59 reviews

There is so much to diy, to make, to bake, to cook. You can see diy costumes for kids and yourself, jacked up trucks, fluffy kitties, cute puppies. And soooo much more! The entertainment is limitless, my husband complains that I spend too much time pinning and making stuff...
Cards Against Humanity

46 reviews

This game is truly an amazing fun game for horrible people. You must have a dark sense of humour to like playing it and not get offended. If you can do that, it’s a great game!
Resolve Gold Oxi-Action laundry powder

23 reviews

I love this product. I have applied this powder to old stains that laundry detergent and stain removers couldn't remove and this worked. It works great at removing grease stains.
Under Armour Clothing

38 reviews

We love Under Armour bags, shirts and shorts but my favourite recent purchase was a pair of gloves. They are so soft and warm, I love them. Their hoodies are great too!
Shoppers optimum card

29 reviews

I love that they finally linked it to be able to use at gas stations either to collect or redeem points as well as at grocery stores so it makes it a lot faster to gain more. Another factor I love about this reward program is that you can add other cards for other members in...
Nike Brand

35 reviews

Love this brand. Their flip flops are amazing I have purchased multiple pairs and wear them year round, no matter the weather. They are so comfortable with the memory foam on the inside.
Guess Who Board Game

34 reviews

I like this game, and used to love playing it as a kid. It is great for memory, and for describing too. Helps children learn. It is a good price. I also like that you can print out new pictures and put them in the slots to change the game up a bit.
Costco Wholesale

33 reviews

We do not have a Costco in our town. We have to drive 4 hours for the closest one. Me and my mom just bought one membership and split in between us. Because it s 50.00. And if you do not save at least that. Than it's not worth it. Some items are not a deal. They may be bigger...
Toys R Us Store

34 reviews

good store for kids shopping,lots of variety for toys,affordable prices for most of the items,clothing is good too, will recommend parents a must visit
Daily Defense Liquid Body Cleanser Lavander

1 review

I love this product. I have purchased it in dollar stores for $1.25cad! It smells great and lathers up with very little used. Leaves you feeling clean and smelling great. Never dries out your skin and the bottle lasts quite a while. I prefer Daily Defense to other more expensive...

1 review

I think it's a wonderful doll. Some people say the hair falls apart only because you are supposed to be gentle with the hair and not brush it. There is a tutorial of how to care for the hair on their website. When I was a child, I was taught to take care of my toys. I guess some...
Sillbird Toy - STEM - SOLAR ROBOT CREATION KIT - Build 12 different robots

1 review

I'm always looking for new ways to keep my 6 year old daughter engaged and occupied for more than 5 minutes. I bought this kit since it has 12 different robots to build. We have built one so far and have taken it apart to build the second. Will post more photos as she goes along.
DAVIDs tea disposable mesh tea bags

30 reviews

These are the greatest thing for loose leaf tea lovers. The tea stays in the bag and you don’t end up with little floaties in your tea like with the traditional metal infusion balls. Completely worth it to have a nice smooth cup of tea.
DEERFAMY Wider Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

1 review

We actually really liked this camping pad. As a caveat, I would say that ‘inflating’ perhaps gives the wrong impression. This mat does inflate a little, but it’s not really an air mattress or inflated largely like some of the other ones sold. It’s more of thin camping...
Jumpin Jammerz

1 review

I never would have thought to buy these for myself but my mom got these for me awhile back. At first I only wore them because I didn't want to hurt her feelings. After all these are not exactly sexy. They are cute though and they keep me warm. Since having my son in November I...
Rocketbook Everlast Fusion

1 review

I thought these were AMAZING. I was hyped about the idea, reusable notebooks is a green initiative that I hadn’t even heard of before and though the execution was good too. My only minor complaint would be that they don’t come with any kind of simple guide to help you...