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Febreze Car Vent Clips Freshener in Linen & Sky

3175 reviews

I really love this product and it’s very good the smell in your car smells amazing the price is not bad but wish it would last a lot longer I wish they had more scents

319 reviews

Netflix id not only good for me but my daughter loves to watch all her favourite shows episodes one after another wothout comercials! what more can you ask for!!
BIC Disposable Lighters

111 reviews

Fais très bien le travaille pour lequel on l'achète... ne brise pas, a une très bonne durabilité et en plus ils ont de beaux design ;) Fais ce pour quoi on l'achète
Sharpie Permanent Marker

116 reviews

Is it just me or does it seem like these never run out? They are always fresh and work well! I have always used this brand because of their awesome quality. Also, they stay on any surface and the brush doesn't start deteriorating right away like it happens with other brands...
Pinterest App

59 reviews

There is so much to diy, to make, to bake, to cook. You can see diy costumes for kids and yourself, jacked up trucks, fluffy kitties, cute puppies. And soooo much more! The entertainment is limitless, my husband complains that I spend too much time pinning and making stuff...
Cards Against Humanity

46 reviews

This game is truly an amazing fun game for horrible people. You must have a dark sense of humour to like playing it and not get offended. If you can do that, it’s a great game!
Resolve Gold Oxi-Action laundry powder

25 reviews

Toujours efficace et ne m’a jamais déçu quand je l’utilise pour enlever les différents taches sur les vêtements. En plus de ça il n’est pas cher et disponible.
Under Armour Clothing

38 reviews

We love Under Armour bags, shirts and shorts but my favourite recent purchase was a pair of gloves. They are so soft and warm, I love them. Their hoodies are great too!
Nike Brand

36 reviews

These are my first pair of Nike running shoes, I have always worn ASICS. I highly recommend these Nike running shoes. Not only is the regular price of 115$ reasonable but you can get them on sale for 90$ from time to time. The cushioning and arch support is amazing.
Shoppers optimum card

29 reviews

I love that they finally linked it to be able to use at gas stations either to collect or redeem points as well as at grocery stores so it makes it a lot faster to gain more. Another factor I love about this reward program is that you can add other cards for other members in...
Guess Who Board Game

34 reviews

I like this game, and used to love playing it as a kid. It is great for memory, and for describing too. Helps children learn. It is a good price. I also like that you can print out new pictures and put them in the slots to change the game up a bit.
Costco Wholesale

33 reviews

We do not have a Costco in our town. We have to drive 4 hours for the closest one. Me and my mom just bought one membership and split in between us. Because it s 50.00. And if you do not save at least that. Than it's not worth it. Some items are not a deal. They may be bigger...
USA Wholesale Supplier

1 review

I'm giving this Supplier 5 stars because they are proven suppliers and they are very useful to my business. Their product is very comfortable and quality Protection! I would use them again.
Airport Pawn & Gun

1 review

I have purchased a few items and so far these places is the Best place to purchase your gun or accessories. The store is very neat and easy to find the things we needed. Good prices friendly staff and they always make sure you leave satisfied.
Bright Day Calendars Academic Planner

1 review

This is a wonderful planner. If, like me, you still prefer physical paper to technology, this will really help keep you organiser. The first thing I noticed, and loved, is how cute the design is. Bright Day Calendars have a great range of designs to suit all tastes, they are...
Toys R Us Store

34 reviews

good store for kids shopping,lots of variety for toys,affordable prices for most of the items,clothing is good too, will recommend parents a must visit
Signstek Lighting LED 5X Dimmable Magnifying Lamp

1 review

I’ve been a crafter for a long time and I recently got into felting in a BIG WAY, so I was thrilled to get the chance to try one of these. Since I wear glasses and am only getting older and more mole-like with each passing day, I often struggle with the detailed tasks...
Comfy Bean Bag Chairs

1 review

I was lucky enough to sit upon one of the most comfortable bean bags I’ve ever seen. Money well spent...it's sooo worth every penny . Would absolutely buy again! We love it:)
Starbucks Coffee tumbler

1 review

This is my second cup from the brand STARBUCKS COFFEE and I love it just as much as the first cup of mine. Its virtually leak proof and stays cold for hours.
Clipper (lighter)

1 review

I enjoy these lighters because they have a good sized flame, it uses iso butane which is the highest quality of butane used in lighters. They are long lasting, rechargeable, and the interesting round and thin shape is both unique and sensible.