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    August 15, 2016

    Honor's Knight, book 2 in the Paradox series, carries directly on from where "Fortune's Pawn" left off. It follows Devi Morris, the protagonist from the first book, as she tries to make sense of the massive twists that the previous book threw in at the last minute.

    Right off the bat, Honor's Knight is a great follow-up to Fortune's Pawn, but it does suffer a bit from mid-trilogy issues. Often the second book in a planned trilogy is left in an uncomfortable place, having to further the plot without actually being able to tie up any of the major issues that are driving the whole story. As a result, this book introduces a lot of new problems and questions into the narrative, but isn't able to really wrap up any of them. This is pretty unavoidable, but if you only have this book and don't have its sequel on hand, you're probably going to be frustrated and want answers by the end.

    Thankfully Bach does a great job of using this sequel to flesh out all of her characters introduced previously, giving us more information on their backstories, their motivations, and revealing more about what really drives them. Devi probably gets the best of this, as the story gives her much more room to breath and grow, and she drives the plot of this book even more so than the last. Her power armor remains an absolute joy, and is used in new ways that still respect the internal logic that the previous book set out.

    Like Fortune's Pawn, the only real issue I've heard some sci-fi fans having is the way the plot weaves sci-fi and romance together. Personally I loved it, but if you love sci-fi and have no time at all for romance, this probably won't be for you. For everyone else, Honor's Knight is a fantastic continuation of the Paradox series, but do yourself a favour and make sure you have the final book ready to go when you're done.

    + Fast-paced hard sci-fi action
    + More of my favourite new sci-fi heroine
    + Plot gives Devi more room to grow as a character
    + Expands the universe organically
    + Characters introduced in Fortune's Pawn are further fleshed out

    - Suffers from mid-trilogy issues, introduces more questions than answers
    - Like Fortune's pawn, the mix of hard sci-fi and romance genre tropes might not be for everyone

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