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    December 03, 2011

    I ordered this skin food mask off of ebay, and I've got to say, the mask is quite good. The first time I used it, my skin felt fresh and firm. The next day, I could still feel firmness in my skin. It's also supposed to reduce sebum, but I've only seen a little bit of a difference so far.
    You actually don't need much for this mask, just a thin layer. You massage it onto your face and then leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then you rinse it off while massaging.
    The masks you can buy in Canada are pretty expensive, so I looked into one of the asian ones because, in terms of skin products, they seem to be in the lead right now.
    The price is at average because you can actually buy it for 4900 Won in Korea, but I ended up getting it for twice that because I bought it from and ebay retailer that would of course, increase the price shipping. But if you did buy it at about $4 Canadian (~4900 Won) it's quite a steal.
    It comes in a cute little container that was sealed with plastic all around the sides and lid (so you know it wasn't tampered with). It also is green tinted with green-black beads in it. Not to be mistaken for kiwi seeds, they actually dissolve as you massage. The smell is quite pleasant, although, nothing like kiwi. It smells more like sweet yogurt.
    All in all, a good buy if you get it in Korea. But, also a good buy off of ebay because you won't need a lot for each application and because any other mask that you can buy here is more expensive.

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