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LiLuv Women's Latex Waist Trainer Shapewear and Corset Reviews
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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    January 27, 2016

    I love this product. Why? It did not make me look or feel stupid or fat. This is not my first shape-wear or more exactly waist trainer, I have one that I had researched on and bought for more than $200, and it was a huge waste of my money and just gave me bad body and self image.

    The LiLuv waist trainer came exactly as described and with proper sizing unlike the more expensive crap I bought in an XL size that was way too small for me, making me feel like a blob. I ordered this in a L and it fit like a dream, it also motivated me. How? When I tried it on it hooked on the first row and it worked instantly giving me shape and helping me get my tummy in, motivating me to want to keep using it until I can get is on the 3rd and last row of hooks. So you see it fits well and gives you a goal, not body hate and making you feel shapeless. To show how bad the more expensive brand was even while wearing this, it still did not fit. My waist is 33 inches and an XL size could not fit me, but Liluv worked for me like magic.

    I recommend this to everyone. It sits well on the hips and it is not too rigid that you cannot bend but gives enough support so that your sitting and standing posture is straight and correct; it leaves no room for slouching. It came packaged nicely, not fancily like my other expensive brand name buy, but nice and simple, showing care for the environment.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    December 27, 2015

    I was quite excited when I opened up my Waist Trainer package - the Tardis Blue I ordered was just as pictured!

    To do up the corset, it's easiest to start from the bottom, and work your way up - I'm starting at the biggest loop, and will eventually work my way to the smallest loops.

    Immediately when I put on this waist trainer, I noticed my posture was already better (I work in front of a computer all day, so find myself adjusting my posture constantly). I am able to bend in it without the loops coming apart, and it has a nice slimming effect underneath my clothing. Who needs Spanx with this Waist Trainer? It's a lot more comfortable than my normal undergarment Spanx-type attire.

    I can even do my Beachbody Workouts with lunges, sit ups, squats, twists, and so on with the loops staying intact, and again, better posture throughout my workout. I do find that I sweat a LOT with it on while working out, but that's another purpose of the waist trainer - to promote sweating during workouts, hence help attain optimal results that much quicker. The sweat does bead on the inside of the trainer, therefore I can only go two workouts between hand cleaning for odour prevention.

    With this being said, I'm sure this wouldn't be the best to wear out in warm weather while you're naturally sweating! I feel you would heat up that much quicker.

    Hand cleaning is simple too - simple soap & water, and let it hang to dry.

    The material itself feels like a neoprene-type material, and my skin hasn't reacted to it.

    Overall, for my purposes of regaining my posture and promoting a sweatier more productive workout, I am happy with this waist trainer.

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