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    August 10, 2013

    First of all - Philosophy and me have never been able to get along! Pretty much every single product i tried by them caused some kind of a problem so eventually i gave up on the brand and purposly avoided everything they made...even the yummy smelling stuff!
    Enter the Microdelivery wash!!! I received my first bottle as a Christmas stocking stuffer a few years ago - grateful and gracious as always i thanked my Mom and proceeded to push this way-way back in the bathroom cabinet. During clear-out time i stumbled on the bottle again and decided it to pass it on to a cousin who was eager to try anything beauty-related (ahhh to be 15 again!). I dont know what posessed me to try this but i am very happy i did - i liked it so much that its now a staple cleanser, used almost daily and luckily clarisonic compatible :)
    For reference my skin is combination dry, clog-prone and has some rosacia in the cheek/nose area. So for me this worked like a charm - cleanses beautifully, lightly exfoliates, smoothes, plumps, does not dry out, does not cause breakouts, reduces blackheads and best of all rinses of very easily (i have a weird thing about rinsing!). Its so gentle that i can use it with the Clarisonic or alone on a daily basis and has never caused any irritation or additional redness.
    I suspect the low ratings on this are related to expectations one may have of this based on the name itself. If you expect dramatic results overnight then this is not for you - this will exfoliate and refine your skin but it does take some time to appreciate. Its not a peel or a strong chemical exfoliant so it wont blow your socks (or your face) off with a single use but if you treat it as a refining daily cleanser then it will deliver everything it promises. Give it a week or 2 - results will surely follow!
    I am so happy with it that my Philosophy ban is relaxing a bit - although i would never give Purity or Hope in a Jar a try again, i might be open to trying the Vitamin C peel...or the Banana Nut Body Wash :)

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