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    April 20, 2010

    A couple of weeks back I emailed back and forth with a very kind lady
    about reviewing a couple of products from an Eco company called Planet Forward.
    First of all I was won over by the name, Planet forward. If we all came together as one we could make this planet go forward instead of going backwards. I mean with all the pollution and the planet going bezerko and the governments not moving very fast. So I love it when I discover Eco companies that work so hard to sell products that help us in our everyday lives to help
    reduce waist. Planet Forward is one of them and I'll show you some of their products that they sell that are functional and sustainable products.
    Planet Forward is a company that provides high quality, reasonably priced
    that solve everyday environmental challenges.
    Choose to live in a sustainable way. Choose to contribute to a better and healthier future.
    Choose to be the example for change. Choose to shop the Planet Forward now.
    This is what they say.
    And I believe it strongly.

    They make wonderful products

    I got to review a Stainless Steel Bottle worth $17.99the purple one you see in the picture
    it is great because it's stainless steel so it is
    non-leaching, toxin free, PBA free, 100% recyclable,lead free, very clean tasting
    I find it so practical because of it's wide opening, now I don't have to take itsy bitty sips no more,
    and It takes in ice cubes because of it's big opening. This one is a big winenr for me,
    And it comes in about 15 colors to fit all your moods , styles and clothes.
    the cap has got a hole so you can clip it to you when riding a bic. or simply walking or hiking.

    Then I reviewed a 18oz - Silver Stainless Steel Thermal $15.99CAD
    which I found to be wonderful, first because I'm an avid coffee drinker.
    But also for the way is if conformed , I mean by that it is very comfortable for the hand to hold, and the top is very comfortable and easy to use.
    It's good for the hot or cold beverages.
    Accomodates, ice cubes, non leaching, non toxins,, use foe a variety of liquid s such as acidic fruit juices and it won't leach into your beverages.
    wonderful thermal holder.

    Then I got to review an Urban Epicurean $14.99CAD

    This is a beautiful little black neoprene bag that I can take with me everywhere, it can take
    up to 20 pounds of groceries or anything in it and it won't break. I t is just me that will not be able to carry it around because of my bad back hehehehe!!!. This is my bag that I keep hidden in my car so I always have it near with me at all times.
    It measure 13 X 13 X 6.5 inches. it weighs 3.5 oz. You can even machine wash it in cold and hang to dry. Sustainable , reusable, zip closure to help keep contents in.
    Easy to carry and when you don,t fill it up it's wonderful to carry around.
    And people look at me and have been stopping me and have asked me
    ''Wow !! where have you got that marvelous bag?,''
    So I tell them Planet Forward.
    But I tell you this bag is really great and to me it's the bag of the year, so practical.

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