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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    May 18, 2012

    The lovely lady that runs the Canadian P&G;face book page was kind enough to send me my Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System. It’s available at several stores across Canada and the U.S. and it usually sells for around $32.99 in Canada, but you can find it on sale. The Olay Cleansing System was designed by a team of dermatologist’s and Olay. Olay claim’s that their Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System is just as effective as a system that is sold by professional only they can coast you as much as $200. The Olay cleansing system was clinically designed to cleanse your face six times better witch sets your face up to be moisturized even better then it can be with out using the system. The Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System has two speeded to chose from and the rotating brush bristles are nice and soft and lets you get a deep down clean feeling. It also exfoliates your skin as it spins. I’ve had a cleansing brush that was something like this one, but its bristles were hard and it made my face red and a little sore feeling when I was done. The Pro-x brush bristles are so soft you can hardly tell it’s even a brush, but it does exfoliate very well. Another nice thing about this cleansing Brush is that its water proof, so you can use it in the shower with out having to worry about it. It’s very comfortably in your hand allowing you to have complete control over it. I’m very happy with my Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System. I feel like it gives my face a glow that it was missing and my skin is much softer since I’ve bin using it. The system also came with a 20ml samples size Olay Pr0-X Exfoliating Cleanser witch is also nice and the batteries for it also came with it. Replacement brush heads are available to be purchased where the system is sold. You can use the Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System with any cleanser you like and it will still give you a nice clean feeling skin. I’d definitely recommend the Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System to anyone looking for that little something extra in their skin care route, or who was looking for a better way to exfoliate their face. I love mine and I’m sure no matter your age you will love it too.

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