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Promed Visiomist Pure Aqua Sterile all Natural Dry Eye Moisture Spray Reviews
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    January 22, 2016

    This is essentially pure water that has been purified and ph balanced before added to small aerosol cans for dispersing. For what you are getting, this is very expensive with only short term effects. It would appeal to the person who do not like eye drops or do not have the time to stay still to add them into the eye. However, if you have eye makeup or other lotions on the face, there is a chance that the spray might mess it up more so than eye drops. It dispenses a fine mist in a localized direction with a nozzle that looks like it can spray at any angle. No bad reactions from the mist otherwise.

    For instant relief, this will do the trick quickly and easily. For lasting relief, look elsewhere.

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