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Remington Smooth & Silky Ultra 3500 Reviews
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    January 12, 2007

    For those of you that fear the dreaded electric razor, are skeptical of its effectiveness or are searching for the perfect tool...this is the device and review for you.

    Remington's Smooth & Silky Ultra 3500 can be found at Target Stores RIGHT-NOW on sale, from $55 to a much desired discounted price of $35, so it's the perfect time to snatch one up.

    I used to be quite skeptical of the electric razor, skepticism was outweighed by my intense fear of applying swirling metal blades to my skin to rip out the hairs, only when my love zipped through his hair removal process over the sink in a matter of minutes while i painstaikingly froze myself in the shower as the water ran ice cold each and every day I shaved, I thougth that the once feared blades started to look conquerable.
    I am personally one that likes a body free of hair, so that means arms, stomach, legs, everything is sans the normal human fine hairs that are attached at every part of the body. I like it smoothe, what can I say?

    I started to use his Remington Electric Shaver, and realized that this bulky mechanism was not intened for the subtle curves of a woman's body, underarms and bikini areas...so I did my research and settled on a Remington Smooth & Silk Ultra. He boasts of the Remingtons (I wanted the Braun but was informed of their ineffectivness when it comes to quick shaving and smooth results). And when I went to Target stores to pick one up, to my surprise they were on sale for $35! So my purchase yesterday was this device that was indeed meant for a woman. It's purple and white, comes with a cleansing brush and carrier, as well as a charging stand, and has a slim handle that is nice for holding.

    It gives a quick and smooth shave, however if you are new to electric razors, then it is said to take up to 3 weeks of every-other-day shaving for your legs to accustom to the blades and achieve smooth results, so don't dismay! The S&S glides along curves and around those tight areas such as knees and elbows. It has 2 covered blades and a thin blade across the top to catch and uplift hairs.
    You can use it in the shower (wet) or out (dry) and it is quite convenient when you need a quick shave and don't want to bother with drippy shaving creams but don't want razor burn! This is fast and effective, and easily cleaned under running water.

    The only problem with this razor...for me...is how it charges. I was hoping for one that can be plugged in and recharged, and also used with the cord. However this sits on the stand and charges, rather quickly, but cannot be used with the cord...since in fact it is a stand. So if you want optimal results of smooth, hair free skin, do try this electric razor!

    However if using one that goes alongside of a corded use is what you prefer, then do opt for Braun's Soft&Smooth BodyShave.

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