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Scunci No-Slip Grip skinny hair ties Reviews
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    April 14, 2013

    I had never seen ponytail holders like this, so I decided to give them a try. They are one-piece, metal-free elastic hair ties made from a 'no-slip' material. It's a silicone/plastic-like material, like that which is often used to line elastic head bands these days, except with a more satiny finish.

    I like them. I they won't replace all of my hair ties, but they definitely serve a purpose in my hair accessory arsenal. Their purpose is this: to hold a comfortable, looser ponytail that I don't have to constantly tighten. They hold my hair pretty well, considering it is long, and heavy, and when my ponytail swings around, it tends to come loose with other ponytailers. I think they would work really well for girls with thinner, finer, and/or shorter hair.
    I don't think I'll use them for sports or whenever I need a really tight ponytail. This is because I think it would be a pain to take out if you got it in there too tightly. And also, because I broke the first one I tried to triple-wrap right away.

    They look similar to classic fabric-covered hair ties. They come in an assortment of colours, except browns that would blend into brunette hair.

    I can't take them out as mindlessly or easily as I do regular fabric-coated elastic hair ties, because of the no-slip material. If you just tug on it, expect to rip out a few hairs with it. I unwind it, backwards of how I put it in, to avoid causing damage or pain.

    Final Verdict
    Since buying these, I always have one in my pocket or purse, in case I want to throw my hair up into a loose, low-maintenance ponytail. Because they hold my hair better while wrapped looser, I think they'll cause less damage than wrapping a slippery fabric hair tie tightly. And that's always a good thing.

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