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SharkNinja BL660C Professional Blender Reviews

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    May 01, 2018

    Best blender

    This blender is amazing and I like how it comes with 2 to go cups for on the go mom's such as myself....smoothie on the go for breakfast at work and the kids school. I love this blender.

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    February 28, 2018

    Great blender

    This blender has a place in almost every kitchen. One of the big problems for me, with blenders, is a lot of times their use is very limited. Thanks to a few smart design choices this SharkNinja Blender does a lot of the things I'd normally need a food processor for. I'd recommend this without hesitation, even though there is always room for improvement, specifically in the Nutri-cups.

    For example, the nutri-cups are a great idea and mean that you don't need to make a whole jug for a personal serving of smoothie (less mess is always welcome), however the Nutri-cups aren't watertight, which makes their use a little more limited. The cap on the cup is the kind of travel mug top that will be ok in the event of a little shaking, but must generally be kept upright. Not only does this mean it can't be taken in a bag and can easily be spilled, but it also makes me wary of leaving it out, since air can get at the smoothie. I think including a leak-proof travel mug/cup style nutricup would bring this product to perfection.

    It's still handy, but more limited.

    Setup and cleaning
    This is extremely easy to put together. Instructions are clear, everything clicks into place simply and with a clear, concise guide and there really isn't any confusion. All you have to do is give the parts (excluding base for obvious reasons) a quick wash and you're ready to go. Cleaning itself is really easy with no annoying nooks or crannies, very easy to wash.

    It is quite heavy, so eldery relatives might want a more lightweight model, but it's also sturdy and well-made. Suction cups on the bottom do a great job at holding it steady so you can feel at ease and not worry about it moving around when operating it.

    Cutting Power
    This is where the SharkNinja blender really shines. Compared to my old blender, which has one set of blades at the bottom and struggles with things like turning nuts into nut butter, the Ninja has no problem with this! It has three sets of blades going from bottom, mid and top, all connecting to one 'blade pillar' type assembly that can be lifted out and cleaned in one piece. This means you don't end up with all the stuff at the bottom that doesn't get cut properly.

    It doesn't even struggle with nuts or ice and can easily be used to make smoothies as well as nut butters of all kinds. I haven't yet used it to make lentil flour, but will give an update when I do.

    Looks-wise, the Ninja just looks cool. The design is lovely, professional looking and very high-end. It really looks fantastic, though the size is quite big so if you're looking for a more compact blender this might not be right for you. However, the power and design are both top-notch.

    The only thing that gave me pause was that parts of the plastic looked a little cheaper than expected (for example the blade pillar) and it could just be that they are 3D printed or made of recycled materials. It does make me worry that in the future it won't last as long as I'd like, but I'm sure that's just paranoia on my part.

    My only BIG complaint would be the pouring spout. I was really excited at first, since the lid locks in place (no worries about spills!) and it has a spout that you can open and just pour without removing the whole lid. This feature is ingenius, but unfortunately it doesn't work perfectly. The spout is leakproof when closed, but when open, it isn't hinged, so it stays on top of the 'flow' of liquid. This means that when you tip the jug to pour, it ends up coming out quickly and then getting blocked by the lid, before flowing quickly again. In other words, the flow is uneven and builds up behind the lid and then you end up spilling it as it rushes out, or overfilling your glass. This also means it overflows and drips over the side of the blender. These problems could be solved by making the spout stay up when open, so it doesn't get in the way, but perhaps they couldn't do that without compromising the leakproofness of the lid.

    It's not a huge issue, but it does mean it's just easier and neater to take off the whole lid and makes the spout a bit useless unless you are filling big container that holds a lot.

    The square design looks great, apart from adding visual interest it just works. I was concerned stuff would get stuck in the corners, but thanks to the slightly rounded design it doesn't build up there and works just as well as a round blender.


    Very few products are perfect and this blender is no different, but make no mistake, while it lacks absolute perfection it's a really, really great blender and as long as you're aware of the few areas where it could be improved, it's great value and works wonderfully.


    - Gorgeous, high-end looking design.
    - Stronger than lower-end blenders with a three blade design that cuts very well.
    - Does nut butters and ice.
    - Jug is large and holds a lot.
    - Suction cups hold it to counter.
    - Nutri-cups mean you can make one portion rather than a whole jug.
    - Easy setup and cleaning.

    - Nutri-cups are not spill-proof or airtight.
    - Spout design makes the spout pointless as it's easier to take off the lid.

    Be aware:
    - Heavy.
    - Can be hard to pull up suction cups if you have weak muscles or disability.

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