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    August 12, 2016

    I'm not sure why there's no section for video games, or at least not that I could see, but Warframe is one video game you should definitely try.

    It's for the PS4 and it's a MMO (massive multiplayer online) and it's free. FREE! You just need to pay for the Playstation Plus once a year. Which is about $60 I think. Totally worth getting because you can get two free games every month and there's always good sales that come up on the Playstation store.

    For being a free game, Warframe goes above and beyond most games you'll get today for $80+. The graphics are awesome (detailed and what you've come to expect from PS$ - not on par with Witcher, but it's good in its own right). The story line is kind of interesting, but where you really get into it is building up and creating the perfect warframe (an alien/robot type of creature, I think).

    The possibilities are vast for different play styles. From stealth to tank to support. It's fun playing with friends (although sometimes there are connection problems).

    There's massive potential for repeat play, unlike other games. You can literally (believe me, I've done it) run levels 10 times in a row trying to collect certain parts to upgrade and the level changes every time. The layout gets totally revamped, you get put in different places, it's really amazing what they did. So running the same level multiple times never gets old or boring.

    Warframe is a must to play if your any kind of gamer. I'm not even really into shooting games, but I've completely got into Warframe.

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