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Wiped! life with a pint-size dictator (Rebecca Eckler) Reviews
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“Pregnancy was a 90-minute massage compared to life now.”

After her little bundle of joy, Rowan (aka The Dictator) arrives, Rebecca Eckler wonders when the promised “rewarding” part will kick in. She wasn’t supposed to trade in tight jeans for baggy sweatpants, or give up the dream of sound sleep and a passionate sex life. Yet, even in the throes of her exhaustion, Rebecca gleans and shares some sound advice for modern moms, including everything you need to know on

• The Diaper Genie: “It’s been six weeks and we have yet to use this ‘must-have’ baby item because we can’t figure out how the damn thing works.”
• Achievement: “No matter how well I had done in school, no matter what my career accomplishments were, my mother had never been so proud of me as when I gave birth.”
• Keeping up appearances: “How is it possible that I haven’t had a drink in months, yet still look worse than I ever did hung over?”
• The effectiveness of baby monitors: “You can hear a baby screaming through walls. Unless you live in the Taj Mahal and place your baby at the other end of the palace, there is no way you won’t hear her cry.”
• Size matters: “I had made the mistake of trying on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans, which I couldn’t get up past my knees. It was the worst decision I have ever made.”

With the same dry wit as her hilarious chronicle Knocked Up: Confessions of a Hip Mother-to-be, Eckler sets the record straight on being a new mom: the highs, the lows, and the sheer bliss that comes when you’re dealing with the demands of someone who’s not very large but undeniably in charge.

Praise for Knocked Up

“Painfully funny . . . biting wit.”
Los Angeles Times

“Quirky and outlandish.”
New York Daily News

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    September 27, 2007

    This memoir by Rebecca Eckler follows "Knocked Up". She humorously relates the life-changing experience of new motherhood from birth to 2 years old.

    What can I say about this book? You might say it's a "love it" or "hate it" kind of story. On the one hand, you'll see a new mom struggling with post-partum depression, anxious about the drastic changes her life has taken since the Dictator took over. You will get a sense of the despair that many women face worrying about their babies and obsessing about doing the right things through each stage of the new life. You will also laugh out loud at some of her observations and responses to her situation.

    On the other hand, you may want to strangle this woman! She employs a full-time nanny, owns a huge home, rents a place in Maui for 2 months, has a twice-weekly housekeeper, dumps $1000s on the mommy "must-haves" without batting an eye - and still feels totally wiped at the end of each day. She calls her child "The Dictator" and "Devil Child" by turns, and is completely irritated by her in-laws except when she wants them to babysit.

    If you take this book at face value, you will probably not enjoy it. I see it more as an escapist thrill-ride with someone who has a different pain threshold than I. As a mom, I personally took a fiendish delight in knowing that I was making "better" progress with three small children than she with only one. I also see it as somewhat farcical, like this is how you should have done it if only you had the funds to carry it through. This would make a good book club book if you're examining societal pressures for the modern mommy.

    Anyone who's lusted after a Bugaboo stroller would know this.

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