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Cereal Reviews

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family size honey nut cheerios

1 review

I love these cheerios. They're a classic flavour and it will never go out of style hahahahahaha . My only complaint is that you need to eat them fast so they don't go soggy! Kids love them in my family, they eat the Cheerios without milk as a snack!!!!!
post great grains blueberry morning

1 review

So delicious and worth every penny. Our family goes through 3 boxes a week. The little dehydrated blueberries plump up when sitting in milk and the oat clusters are such a treat. The cereal is packed with good flavor and nutritious too.
Kellogg’s chocolate almond cereal

1 review

I liked this cereal. It tasted good and likely more chocolate as not really sweet. Chocolate is normal and got a real almonds . These are good cereal.
Chex General Mills cereal

1 review

This is a special additional, limit time flavor cereal. Peanut butter flavor. Out of all the available flavours this is the best one. If you like peanut butter you will love this. I even have it as a snack, dry with no milk.
Frosted Mini Wheats Mixed Berry Centres

71 reviews

As a cereal buff, I had to try this when I came across it. Good call! Very tasty in milk, and quite honestly, even better as a healthy snack. The mini-wheat is perfect as usual, but the berry center is what makes this a great addition to the brand.
Quacker flavour Variety

1 review

One can not go wrong with this healthy breakfast., instant oatmeal for breakfast is a great healthy way to start the day,it’s high in fibre is all natural with no artificial flavours or colours. My whole family enjoys this for breakfast and I’m sure yours would to.
Choice select cereal

1 review

Buying expensive cereal when you have horde under your roof is an expensive exercise. I decided to try out a less expensive home store brand in lieu of Lucky Charms. The kids loved it and couldn't tell the difference and I saved almost $2 per box. Win!
Kellogg’s special k red berries cereal

2 reviews

My husband eats so much cereal so we need to mix it up from time up time. This week there was a sale on this cereal and I decided to try it. I had some and it was really good. My kids like the freeze dried fruit in it. I'd like to try other flavors now too.
Hershey's Kisses Cereal

1 review

I LOVE Hershey's Kisses chocolates, so I had high expectations of this cereal - It did NOT disappoint! It has the same rich chocolately flavour made into sweet tiny morsels of cereal! Delicious! The cereal milk that is produced as a result tastes like chocolate milk you would...

19 reviews

This cereal is the best, keeps you filled up for a long time and has the major required nutrient. The coconut bits in it is so good and reduces the need for too much milk.
Kellog's Special K Vanilla Almond Cereal

35 reviews

The Kellogg's special K vanilla almond cereal is my favorite breakfast item. It is quick and easy and has a lot of nutrients. I also love how this cereal fills me right up!
Blueberry Cherrios

1 review

Cereal has always been my 'go to' food whether its breakfast, mid day or evening snack and Cheerios is in my top two favorite brands. All of the flavors I have tried I loved, and the new Blueberry flavor is no exception! It tastes like real blueberries doesn't get soggy, has...
Great value butter grits

1 review

I love these grits m! They are very flavorful. No need to add any butter, salt or pepper. They are perfect. I normally add water and pop it in the microwave. In about a minute you’re in for a treat.
Quaker pumpkin spice instant oatmeal

1 review

I recently purchased this new oatmeal blend/flavor for first time. I tried it twice and was pleased with consistency and amount per package, but I found the flavor to be very weak. Good but kind of bland.

1 review

Product: Chiamigos Chia Pudding Mix (Chocolate Banana Nut) Three words came to mind after trying this dry powder chia pudding mix: Easy. Convenient. Nutritious. And yummy. Okay, four words. Easy: Mix powder with liquid. Literally, that’s it. You can use water or preferred...
Bear naked granola

4 reviews

This has to be one of the best granolas available on the market. It's sweetned with maple syrup and has yummy crunchy pralined nuts. It's addicting. I have it every day with yogourt for breakfast and I sometimes even nibble on it as a snack at night. I highly recommend it
Quaker Oatmeal cereal Maple & Brown Sugar

7 reviews

This is a great quick breakfast for people on the go. Tastes great and only takes minutes to prepare. It's always something that is stocked in my cupboards
Oreo os

15 reviews

I like to eat this with ice cold milk and it literally tastes like cold cake. I bought this st the dollar store the first time and for the price, I was blown away. Perfect to eat after getting stoned
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Breakfast Cereal

15 reviews

CT Crunch is a girls best friend. No matter what you're doing it makes a fantastic snack. At the office, while traveling, watching tv, going to the movies, even going to a friend's to hang out - bring some CT Crunch and you will be a hero.
Timbits Cereal - Birthday Cake

3 reviews

I was so excited for these but I know that birthday cake flavoured things are never what I expect but sometimes I'm surprised. With these I was not surprised... Don't get me wrong they're good! And I definitely finished the box but they're very different from what I imagined...