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Cereal Reviews

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fruit loops with marshmallows

1 review

At Halloween I bought a box of the fruit loops with marshmallows because they looked fun for the kids. I was skeptical at first because of the marshmallows but they are delicious. Me and my children love these any time of day, not just breakfast!
Kashi Go Lean Honey Almond Flax Crunch

3 reviews

I love this cereal! I buy it every time I grocery shop, and eat it almost daily. I love almost all of Kashi's line of cereal but the GoLean Crunch Honey Almond Flax is my favorite. It has a slightly sweet taste from the almonds but not an over the top fake syrupy flavor that...
Special K Nourish Apple Raspberry Almond Cereal

9 reviews

I love how this tastes. It is so good with warm milk. It also smells lovely. I would buy this again for sure. I would also like to try the other flavours.
General Mills Maple Cheerios

11 reviews

Not only are they fantastic but everyone I. The house loves these. Their great for breakfast and that late night snack that you can’t resist even though your about to go to bed. Perfect for a road trip snack too (without the milk of course).
Kellogg's Mini-Wheat Brown Sugar

26 reviews

 There is a nice level of sweetness to them, and you can definitely taste the brown sugar. The large bites are nice because the cereal goes for longer without getting all soggy. They really keep you feeling full through to lunch which is awesome. They aren't the best for...
Quaker Cookie and Creme oatmeal

5 reviews

I eat this cereal every single day me and my husband loves it to the core, I buy this regularly every month, the taste is amazing and you can eat it with hot water or milk.
Kelloggs four pack

1 review

mini cereal empty into a bowl or cut the box and bag into a bowl, 4 different flavors 2 boxes of each. these are so handy for camping, breakfasts, anytime snack, munching on them dry, Corn Pops, Rice Krispies, Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes. the perfect amount to buy for a...
Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes

1 review

They look very similar to corn flakes because theres no "frosting" on them at all but they do smell like pumpkin pie. They do have a really nice pumpkin spice flavour which pairs nicely with the plain corn flavour of the cereal and didnt get lost in the milk. It actually mixes...
Love Crunch Premium Organic Granola

1 review

This is such a great cereal. It has pieces of dark chocolate and coconut flakes and crunchy Granola. Taste very decadent anf healthy. It is a little on the pricey side but it ia advertised as a premium Granola so i understand the pricing
Kellogg's Mini-Wheats Cereal Original

1 review

This is the only cereal we never run out of at home; it's everybody's favorite, including my super picky kids. Hubby and the kids love having these cereals with cold milk, while I prefer it with hot milk (it's a match made in heaven). It has quite a few calories, but all yummy...
Kellogg's Special K Nourish Coconut, Cranberries & Almonds

8 reviews

This is everything you want in a breakfast or snack! So many combined flavours and textures. Sweet cranberries, crunchy coconuts, wholesome oat clusters, almond slivers and delicious flakes! Perfect to eat with or without milk!
Nature's Path Smart Bran

1 review

This cereal, though bland and seemingly made from cardboard, is versatile in that it can be used for baking and other food endeavours besides in your morning bowl of milk. I like adding some to my oatmeal sometimes. Or adding into other cereals. It has 13g fibre is totally...
Cheerios au miel et aux noix

6 reviews

This one is just a bit sweet. We add some fruits in it for a more balanced breakfast. It is perfect for a quick breakfast on school's days. The kids love it.
Oatmeal crisp apple crisp

10 reviews

This is my daughters favourite cereal. It’s the cereal she eats every day never seems to get tired of it. She has eaten it for breakfast, lunchtime and even sometimes that’s right for dinner. I never worry about giving it to her when she goes to school because it’s very...
Post Honey Shreddies

18 reviews

I loved shreddies and when I saw honey flavored and tried it, it is now the only cereal I would eat. It tastes good on its own or with some almond milk. It's not too sweet. It's perfect.
Nabisco banana pudding cereal

1 review

I love banana pudding so when I seen this at the store I immediately bought it. Got home and fell in love best cereal out there right now. My box disappeared within 2 days so I go back to buy another n the store is out. Not just my usual shopping place but everywhere was out. I...
Berry Berry Kix Cereal

2 reviews

All three of my kids like this cereal. It's not too high in sugar and the ingredients are better than most sugary cereals. I'm so glad this is an option for a quick and easy breakfast.
Special K Nourish with Peaches and Berries

1 review

I have always loved Special K cereals. They are so good and so good for you. I have a new favorite now. They have topped themselves when they made Special K Nourish with Berries and Peaches. It cost $5.00 a box (and it is rather a small box) but it is worth every penny. The...
Wish bone red wine vinaigrette dressing

1 review

Wish bone red wine vinaigrette dressing is a great product. U can use it in so many ways . Its not just for a saled anymore. Use it to flaver meats u will love it.
Kellogg’s nourish cereal

1 review

This cereal is great for keeping in shape and also for a yummy breakfast or snack! It has a great taste and a krispy texture. The dried fruit in it gives it the extra boost of flavour!